Sunday, May 30, 2010

Show and Tell

Yesterday I went to my parents cottage (1½ hours north of where we live), to help my mother with free motion quilting her lap quilt that she recently finished.

I started sewing it on her machine, but I have brought the quilt home to work on now. I am trying out some Mctavishing. I will show more of this quilt over the next few days. It is great to have a chance to practice more free motion quilting!

While I was at my parents I took some photos of the cross-stitched pictures that my father has made. He took up cross-stitching when he retired about 17 years ago, and he does the most precise work! (Click on the pictures to enlarge)

This one is variegated silk thread on linen

This is what he is currently working on. The Aida will be completely covered when it is finished.

I also took a picture of a crazy quilt that I made for their 35th wedding anniversary - almost 16 years ago.

It poured all day and when we came home, there was flooding everywhere.

The field in the distance is still flooded today,

but at least the sun was shining and the wind will help dry things up.

Have a great day and thanks for dropping by!!


SheilaC said...

wOw Joanne, I have done a lot of cross stitch myself, so I know the work that goes into it.... Your dad is an amazing stitcher!!! And its great he and your mom both enjoy crafting :)


Joan said...

What talented parents you have Joanne. Your fathers cross-stitching is amazing - just beautiful.
Your McTavishing is coming on well.
Thats a huge amouth of rain and water you have there. Our weather is lovely and sunny - but cool. The wild ducks are having a feast in the paddocks :)

GailM. said...

Those cross-stitch closeups are beautiful. I have always loved the ABC ones and I always said I would do one, but never did. Maybe I'll do one yet.

Wendy said...

So, it's a genetic trait then? Your whole family is so talented! That's some very impressive stitching your dad is doing.

Karen said...

Wow, your Dad is very talented too. Beautiful pieces! Thanks for sharing those. I always love seeing stitchery.

Sandra Henderson said...

Oh my word!!!!
Those cross stitch are AMAZING! Please tell your father that I think he's so talented and does beautiful work! Also, I sure wish my husband would take up a hobby. He's a retired lawyer and thought about wood turning, different things, but hasn't gotten anything to stick other than fishing and reading. Which is fine and well, but I KNOW he has a talent with his hands. He says he always made his living from his neck up and doesn't think he does.... lol

Sandra Henderson said...

Your quilting is beautiful!!!!
I got so sidetracked with your father for a moment I forgot to tell you. I've also enjoyed catching up on all of your other posts today. Lovely things.... XO

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