Saturday, January 22, 2022

Project Bag and Lots of Snow

This week I made a project bag for cross stitch (I see on Floss Tube that this is the kind of bag that cross stitchers use) -

I used scraps of handwoven fabric, leftover from a tunic I made a few years ago.
The back is quilted with a layer of soft and stable batting (the front has some stiff interfacing).
I attached a pottery button from a local artist (there is a fake crack in the button that is stitched over).
The fabric has a handspun warp and commercial yarn weft (black here).
The back and the front of the bag have a regular quilt binding to attach them together. The lining is a plain cotton. After sewing this I realize that my machine really needs to be serviced, so I guess I won't be sewing for a while.
This is the first time I have made a project bag like this and I am interested to see why it is such a popular style. It does hold all the pieces for the project well, and keeps the pattern flat. The bag is 11.5"x12.5".

Last time I forgot to show that I had finished weaving the bouclé tea towels/hand towels.

I love seeing all the fabric rolled up on the loom.
Fresh off the loom - 9 tea towels and a bit extra ready for hemming.

The possum/merino/silk hat is coming along well -

I am hoping to use all the yarn.

Photos from around - 

We have had a few storms this past week, so lots more snow (and lots of photos!)
Sunset sun dogs during the first storm of the week.
Blowing snow.
Huge snowdrifts.
Someone got stuck in the driveway and couldn't make it in to work yesterday (white out conditions too).
Fluffy snow later in the day.
Molly watching her beloved clearing snow again.
She also happily helped dig the snow around the beehives.
Snow plastered to the kitchen window yesterday morning.
First harvest of hydroponic radishes (we can never seem to grow them outside in the summer - they are always tough and usually just bolt) - these were delicious.

All the best!♥︎

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Finished Sweater

I finished knitting a sweater this week -

I wanted to knit a sweater with commercial yarn for a change. It is knit with a fingering weight yarn and a lace weight silk and mohair yarn, held together (Bare Capretta and grey Aloft Super Kid Mohair both from Knit Picks). The pattern started out as The Classic by Espace Tricot. I decreased stitches before knitting the ribbing for the sleeves and made the sweater longer (I wanted to use up my yarn).
The sweater came out really nice - it is soft and warm.
Now I am working on a hat (Musselburg by Ysolda Teague), out of some beautiful merino/possum/silk yarn from a dear friend in New Zealand. I dyed the yarn. The hat is constructed so that it is two layers plus the brim folds over (4 layers over the ears!) - it should be a nice warm hat.

Photos from Around-

Interesting patterns in the snow drifts.
Molly loves to dig in the snow.
Miss Maggie is happy to watch from her favourite spot.
My youngest son started growing vegetables inside - mostly hydroponic lettuce, but he experimented with a bean plant, and this was the big harvest (they were delicious).

All the best!♥︎

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Friday Night with Friends

I joined in this year's first Friday Night with Friends last night, hosted by Cheryll at Gone Stitchin'.
I did some weaving. I signed up for the JST School of Weaving, and so I am trying to learn to weave the way the Jane Stafford demonstrates- it is hard to break old habits (beating on an open shed, then switching treadles...). It was a bit slow going.

This is a warp for nine towels with cotton bouclé.
 I finished off towel #7,
and got a good start on towel #8.

The FNwF was really motivational - thanks Cheryll!

This morning the flock of partridges buried themselves in the snow for warmth.
It was like watching "Whac-a-Mole"- heads popping out from different holes.

All the best!♥︎

Friday, January 7, 2022

Missed a Few

Last week I wrote a year end wrap-up post showing all the things I had made in the previous 4 months, but it turns out a forgot a few.

I made a pair of moccasins. Earlier in the year I made a pair with beads and fur, which I wear with bare feet, and now I made a pair to wear over wool socks. I used a piece of wool melton cloth for the upper, and stitched on it with wool. The leather is moose hide, and they are lined with denim.


A while ago I turned an old salt shaker (that I had bought in a bundle of things from an auction for a $1), into a picture holder (thanks Pinterest). It stood empty for a few years, so I painted some miniature watercolours to display in it.

Cross Stitch -

This little pillow is an anniversary piece. The pattern is Beggar's Valentine from Primitive Cross Stitch on Etsy that I modified with our wedding date and initials. It is stitched with a poly/cotton embroidery floss that I had been given and wanted to try out. I used one strand of floss over two linen threads. The linen is one that I dyed (I think a 36 count). The embroidery thread worked well with good coverage (it is the inexpensive one from AliExpress). I made it into a pillow cover because last year when I was recycling an old down coat into pillows this was one of the small ones that needed a cover. The stitching is 5"x7".
This is Spell of the Moon by Blackbird Designs. It is stitched with cotton floss that I had dyed, and the linen is one that I dyed too (more of the 36 count). Stitched one strand of floss over two linen threads. I laced it onto a piece of foam core to hang on the wall. It is 4"x5".
The pattern is from this book - Winds of Autumn by Blackbird Designs.
This picture is one that I put together. Stitched with cotton floss and linen that I had dyed. This linen is 42 count. Stitched with one strand of floss over 2 linen threads. 
I had designed it to fit in an old frame. The stitching is 6"x8".
The motifs come from these two books - Répertoire des Motifs by Valérie Lejeune, and the Sampler Company's Ultimate Sampler Motifs Source Book by Brenda Keyes.

Random Photo -
This is the face of someone that had to come in because it was too cold for her to be outside (-30ºC temperatures with -40ºC windchills lately) while snow clearing was happening outside. What you don't hear is her crying and sad howling trying to get her beloved back (she could see our son working outside). I don't know who it is more stressful on - her or those who are inside with her.

All the best!♥︎

Friday, December 31, 2021

Year End Wrap Up

After a month of blogging every day I took a bit of a break from the computer. I didn't think it would last 4 months, but it did.
I have realized that cleaning and cooking have become my hobbies that I devote most of my time to these days (everything is better when it is considered a hobby).
I have finished a few different things over the past few months though.

Knitting -
A hat from a local raw fleece that I had cleaned, combed, spun, then dyed with indigo a few years ago. This is the second hat that I made with this yarn (I never wore the first one and took it apart).

A scarf made with some handspun, a merino/silk blend that I had dyed. 

Christmas socks with handspun yarn (a BFL/nylon blend that I had dyed).

Weaving -
Tea Towels. Mainly woven with cottolin, but also some bouclé. This was a stash busting project to use up odds and ends. The warp is a natural cottolin. The pattern is A Baker's Dozen e-Book from Webs, one threading with lots of different weaving options to try.
A scarf with a handpainted warp - something I had never tried before. 
I used a Knit Picks lace yarn - Shimmer, an alpaca/silk blend, which dyed and wove beautifully.
More tea towels in a favourite pattern (Cajun Inspired Towels from the Jan/Feb 2015 issue of Handwoven magazine). These just came off the loom and I am considering them finished for me, because my Mom said she would hem them in exchange for new towels.

Quilting -
A small (18"x24") Christmas table mat. I wanted a little pad for an end table that has a lamp and other things on it, so nothing fancy was needed. I realized that since machine free motion quilting is my favourite, that is what I did (plus a little bit of invisible machine appliqué).

I haven't been sewing much because my machine needs to go in for repairs, but with COVID some things are on hold. We did take the machine apart and tried a few things which helped, but it needs more work.

Woodcarving - 
More spoons, these from a crab apple branch that fell in the yard.
About 4" long.
A long spoon from a silver maple branch that fell too.
About 12" long.

Stained Glass - 
Since I now have a work space for stained glass again I made a piece using all kinds of odds and ends. It was lots of fun, but it has been awhile and I can see I need more practice.

Photos from Around - 

The bees did well this summer, they produced a lot of honey for us.
They are wrapped for the winter now, and we can't wait to see how they do.
A Great Horned Owl spent a lot of time around this past fall.
We harvested vegetables into October (unusual for here - we had about an extra month of growing weather this year).
Part of why cooking is my hobby, we had a great harvest with the extra month, so I did lots of canning.
Beautiful colours of Swiss Chard during the final harvest.
Molly loves to dig her ball in the snow (luckily she doesn't dig in the dirt the rest of the year).
Miss Maggie prefers the warmth of inside these days.
Molly as a new puppy two years ago,
and how much she has grown and changed in colour.
 And how the carpet has worn out, and how our home renovations are going.
The view from our window this morning - December 31st, 2021.
-31ºC with -45ºC windchill (-24ºF/-49ºF) - a good day to be inside!

I wish everyone the best for the New Year!♥︎

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