Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Some Finishes

I finished a few things this past week.
The Granny Stripe blanket made from leftover fingering weight handspun-

It is 26"x55", the perfect size for laying on my legs or putting around my shoulders. This is my second Granny Stripe blanket and once again I loved making it, I will miss this project. The pattern is free from Attic 24.

I crochet a little edge around this one for a change.

I also finished sewing a robe, from some fabric I was given.

The pattern is from this Japanese sewing magazine (vol 10).

These patterns are very easy to follow (no need to be able to read Japanese). I added pockets (the pattern from a different design in the magazine) and replaced the ties with buttons and a snap (my Mother had made one and didn't like the ties). If I was to make it again I would make the bodice a bit longer and add darts in the back.

Since it is Tour de Fleece time I finished a couple of skeins of yarn-

This is the blend of 5 fibres. I ended up with 440m, 106g of fingering weight yarn.

 This is the first skein of wool from the raw fleece I prepared. It is about a Dk weight.

We have had more rain this past week than we had had since the start of the year (we set records for the driest first 6 months of the year and than set a record for the most rainfall in one day, then had more rain days).

The garden (or the yard) hasn't had a chance to dry out, but it is growing really well.

The perennial garden has lots blooming,

This lily is one we brought from our old home.

Photos for around-

a walk in the woods
a twelve spotted skimmer dragonfly
our road on the other side of the highway-corn on one side and oats on the other
 All the best!♥︎

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Fibre Prep

Tour de Fleece (a yearly online spinning event held during Tour de France) started this weekend, and last week I prepared some fibre to spin.  One of the Ravelry groups that I belong to suggested a challenge to blend and spin 5 different fibres together.

I chose some linen, tussah silk, soy silk (that I had previously dyed pink), plus small amounts of sari silk and gold angelina.

I blended it two times on the drum carder.

Resulting in a batt that I dizzed to make it easier to spin - dizzing just pulls the fibres through a small hole, this one is a button.

I ended up with about 100g ready to spin.

Almost finished the first half.

Around the farm-

crop duster spraying the fields
wild roses at the edge of the road
the little nest now has 6 eggs
I learned how to mow with the tractor this week
The little nest is just to the right of the arm of the tractor in the above photo (the grass is longer because we mow around it). It doesn't seem the safest spot to make a nest, but it has been there for almost a month so far, the tiny bird is always on the nest and the number of eggs keeps growing. We are waiting to see when they hatch because the one large egg can't be her's - she is a small type of sparrow, and we think the large egg is a cowbird's egg.

Yesterday we had a big thunderstorm - the power was out for about 7 hours, but it was interesting to watch.
great clouds
lots of hail - super noisy in the sun room
All the best!♥︎

Monday, July 1, 2019

Happy Canada Day!

A few weeks ago I finished combing another raw fleece, and this week I dyed almost half of it (the other part was left natural).

I dyed most of it shades of grey and then small amounts different bright colours.

Using a drum carder I blended it all together.

Here the fibre is ready for spinning. I chose to divide the colours into two colour groups so that I could make a marled yarn (each of the plies will be a different colour).

I wanted to create yarn for a grey sweater with a bit of interest. I spun and knitted a small sample to see how the blend would work, and I am happy with how it turned out. Tour de Fleece starts on Saturday and this will be one of my spinning projects that I hope to finish during the tour.

These geese held up so much traffic when we went to the city.

yellow wildflowers by the pond
yellow wildflowers in the grass
All the best!♥︎♥︎♥︎

Monday, June 24, 2019


 Today I canned the first batch of produce from the garden -

Stewed rhubarb. This is the first time I have canned rhubarb (I just bought a magazine all about canning, and there are lots of recipes I hope to try over the summer).

I did end up putting away the knitted vest for the week to work on the Granny Stripe blanket. I think it is almost done, so I will continue working on this project (this is the second one I have made and both have been the most enjoyable projects).

I did get some knitting done this past week too - toe-up socks. This is my take-along project, and with three appointments in the city last week, there was lots of time to knit. The yarn is a commercial sock blend (merino/nylon) that I had dyed a while ago. I like the grey for the toes (and cuffs), but the pink came out a lot different than I had hoped when I dyed it, although it is knitting up better than I expected.

a double daylily in the garden
All the best!♥︎

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Lots of Photos

This week I have been knitting on my Capture a Cozy Moment vest (pattern by Carol Sunday). It never seems to look any different but it is slowly growing. I really want to put it away and work on something else, but I know that it will never get done then.

Other things I have been working on - I did the tiling in the kitchen,

and we finished the front garden (cut out the grass, added mulch, rocks and some bushes).

Farm photos -

a little nest in the grass
beautiful sky
perennial Batchelor Button
seed head from the Three Flowered Aven
the garden is growing well
field of chives
walking path
the surround field of soybeans is growing well too
walk in the woods
burning sawdust
reflection on the pond
aquatic plant
 All the best!♥︎