Sunday, February 16, 2020

Some New Knitting

I started a couple of new knitting projects last week.

The first one is another mystery gnome - Gnome is Where You Hang Your Hat by Sarah Schira. We have had 3 clues so far. I am using handspun from a local raw fleece.

This one is Twice as Nice by JumperCables.

I am using some handspun linen and silk along with some silk gima (ribbon) that I dyed with the fibre.

The fabric weaving is coming along nicely.

I think I am about half way done.

All the best!♥︎

Friday, February 14, 2020


I belong to Kathleen Tracy's (from A Sentimental Quilter) online group called Small Quilt Talk. For Valentine's Day there was a pincushion challenge. I made a little crazy quilt heart out of some leftover French General fabric, and an old key with a heart shaped opening.

I used a piece of wire so that the pincushion could hang up - let's be honest it is more of an ornament than a practical pincushion.

It is an addition to my other pincushions I have made over the years. The oldest one is the felt one with my initials that I made in primary school in England when I was about 10. I only use a couple of them, but they make nice decorations. It seems to be popular now to have bowls of decorative, matching pincushions, maybe that is something to try next.

Photos from around -

 Today was incredibly windy.
 All the blowing snow was something to see.
 I thought the colours were so pretty.

All the best!♥︎

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Weaving for Fabric

I starting weaving a new project today.

My Mom thought it would be nice to have handwoven fabric to make new cushions for her dining room chairs. I put 8 yards of warp on the loom. 

I am using some Harrisville Designs Shetland wool to weave. In the colours Cornflower (warp) and Suede (weft).

This is the underside. The pattern is "Derivation of the Twill - Warp Chevron" by Oscar Bériau, published in 1939. I found it in the Jan/Feb 2015 issue of Hand Woven magazine (the Oscar Tote by Beth Mullins). It is a really nice pattern to weave - thank goodness because there is lots to weave.

-40ºC with the windchill this morning.
It was much nicer when we went for our evening walk.

All the best!♥︎

Monday, February 10, 2020

Handspun Pullover

I finished knitting a sweater - well really a tunic.

I starting knitting this at the beginning of last September (I was surprised by that when I was updating the Ravelry project page).

It came out longer than I expected (I guess it stretched during blocking), but I am really happy with the length. I had lots of yarn leftover. The sweater weighs 378g.

That's one of my OMG projects finished this month, and an OPAM finish.

The yarn for the sweater started like this-

 It was a whole fleece from a local farmer, that I cleaned, combed and dyed.

I then drum carded the fibre to blend the colours. The two different colours are for the two different plies of the finished yarn.

I ended up with 553g and 2010 yards of yarn.

A close up of the sweater.

I have another little finish.

A very little needle felted mouse - it is under 2" tall. I got side tracked while making something else for later in the week.

Photos from around -

 Sparkly frost on the ground yesterday morning.
 Molly and her favourite tug toy.
 Such sparkly snow.

All the best!♥︎

Friday, February 7, 2020

Orphan Block Table Mat

I made a table mat from some orphaned blocks. This was one of my OMG projects for this month.

These blocks were from the Temecula Quilt Company blog - 1880 Sample Sew Along, from 2018. They are 4" finished blocks.

Here is what I did-

I added  triangles, sashing and corner blocks to the 5 blocks:- sashing - cut 12 - 1+1/2"x4+1/2" rectangles; corner blocks - 4 - 1+1/2" squares; triangles 2 - 4+7/8" squares cut once on the diagonal (4 triangles).

All stitched together.

For the border I cut 3" strips.

Sewed them on opposite sides first, and trimmed them.

Then added more strips to the other sides. Trimmed across the corners with the ruler parallel to the triangle edge.

I chose a wide border because I wanted space for quilting.

Before quilting the border I added the binding so that I would be able to fill the space in the border with quilting. I marked the spine of the feather border with a Hera marker.

For the free motion quilting I used Invisafil by Wonderfil, a 100 weight thread, in the above colours. It amazes me how well this thread blends with so many different colours of fabric. I used the darkest thread for the walking foot quilting, sashing, corner blocks and triangles. The middle one for all the blocks, and the lightest for the border.
I wanted the table mat to be very flat so I used one layer of cotton batting.

The finished piece is 19". I made it for my cousin who was a round dining room table.

In the bobbin I used a beige Aurifil 50 weight thread. I used a walking foot to stitch around the blocks and border before free motion quilting. The free motion quilting designs I used were hooked feathers in the border, orange peel for the blocks, swirls in the sashing, and pebbles in the triangles.

Sewing on the binding before quilting means I can fill in the border nicely.

My son and his dog.
-30º this morning, cold but sunny.
Molly's jacket barely fits her anymore.

All the best!♥︎

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

February Plans & More

For my February OMG (One Monthly Goals hosted by Elm Street Quilts) plans I had wanted to finish my Pineapple quilt, but since that was done so quickly I had to think of something else. I finished a few projects recently - they were easy decisions because they were all almost done. Now I don't know what to do (this seems to always happen to me - I should finish more things, I want to start something new...).

One thing for sure is that I am going to finish this sweater this month. I just have the ribbing to finish at the bottom (I hope to use all that ball of yarn).
This month I also want to make a table centre for a gift (I'll start that today), and I want to start a weaving project (fabric yardage for my Mom to make dinning room chair seat cushions, the wool is supposed to be here next week).

For my February WOOFA Challenge I want to add a few more blocks to my Orphan Blocks-

Here are the blocks I have so far. I don't really know what to do with them - I want to make another bed quilt with them, but I don't need anymore bed sized quilts. I just know I would like some more appliqué blocks, so that is what I plan on for this month.

When I was deciding which WOOFA project to work on next I also looked at my Bali Medallion Quilt-

I really don't like this quilt top. I think it is the dark section around the clamshells. I don't know if I should just get rid of it; just quilt it as is; add more blocks around the edge (continue the medallion) in the hopes that I will like it more, maybe with some more dark fabric to balance it; or do I unpick the centre and try something else there. The blocks around the edge are from the first 365 day quilt a few years ago - I like those. I enjoyed sewing the clamshells, and like how the edges are not cut off. I would really like to put it away for good, but it isn't improving with age.
What would you do? What do you do with quilt tops you don't like?

Photos from around -

I tiled bathrooms, painted doors, and varnished baseboards in January, and now that our bathroom renovations are finished I thought I would show them off (I love seeing pictures of other homes).
This is the before of part of the little bathroom at the back door.
I don't have a before picture of the shower, it was disgusting - no one needs to see that.
One of the reasons we bought this house was that it needed renovating.
And after.
The medicine cabinet on the left was made by a great uncle.
 This is the before of the main bathroom. There was just about 30" between the sink vanity and the bathtub, and there were two large linen cupboards (which to me was odd. Because of the kitchen reno's we were able to convert a hall broom cupboard to a linen closet). We reconfigured the space by removing the two small closets in our bedroom next door. We moved the vanity back, and moved the wall with the linen cupboards in. That way were were able to use that space as a walk in closet in our bedroom. We also moved the main door for the bathroom over, to have more room for the new tub.
Before of the two small closets in our bedroom, with the bathroom door in the middle
the door on the left is to our bedroom
 After photos.
I like the other bathroom white, but I still haven't decided about this one yet, I might paint it a colour soon.
This house had so many colours in it that I just needed a break for a bit.
 The walk in closet in our bedroom.
There is a big shelf, high in the closet, to store quilts, better than in the bathroom.
I really like how there is a door to the bathroom from our bedroom.
It is an ensuite without having another bathroom to clean.
 The rest of the bedroom.
 I'll end with Molly showing off some of her new big girl teeth - she is 4 months old now.

All the best!♥︎
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