Sunday, June 16, 2024

Week 24 of 2024

This week I made another tiny pincushion from a circle of fabric, a button, some thread, crushed walnut shells, and an old Christmas light reflector.

Works in Progress-
Cross stitch
Temperature blanket

Photos from Around- 

Molly on our morning walk.
Maggie resting after getting injured (probably fighting another cat that has been coming around).
The bees swarmed this week.
Luckily they stayed in the yard and were retrieved - now we have another hive (you can see the clump on one of the branches).
New wildflowers blooming in the yard.
I had company while I was working in the garden this week (still not all planted, but getting there).
The garlic is doing well (more rain last night).
The perennial flower beds are also doing well too.
The Killdeer eggs hatched yesterday - 3 tiny babies staying so still.
Later on the day they were running down the driveway in front of the car and I had to shoo one out of the way (about 2" tall!). Once they hatch they look like miniatures of their parents.
These girls (fingers crossed they are all girls!) are getting big.
They have moved outside to the coop full time this week,
and have settled in well (6 weeks old).

All the best!♥︎

Sunday, June 9, 2024

Week 23 of 2024

I sewed another bra this week because I wanted to make sure I had how to sew a bra firmly in my mind, so that I wouldn't have to refer to the Craftsy class all the time.
I tweaked the pattern again, and I think now it is just right for me.
The pattern is a mash up of the Maya Bra from AFIAterlier, and the Classic Bra from Bra-Makers Supply (demonstrated in the Craftsy class). The kit for this is also from Bra-Makers Supply, not the one I originally order, but this one is very nice.
Bras don't take long to sew - all the seams are short, but most seams are stitched a few times. This bobbin was full of when I started sewing (I think it is a 70 weight thread, finer than regular sewing thread).

Works in Progress -

Temperature Blanket
Cross Stitch

Photos from Around - 

The chicks are almost 5 weeks now.
In the front row are the three kinds of chickens we have.
They are still living inside, but go outside for short times.
We had more rain this week.
But also some amazing clouds.
Both big girls.
The garden is drying up - the weeds are doing well with all the rain, but I should be able to start planting.
The perennial gardens are doing great.
We were able to mow the grass today, and I started planting flowers.

All the best!♥︎

Sunday, June 2, 2024

Week 22 of 2024

Did some sewing this week-

Made Miss Maggie some bright collar covers so the birds see her (she had been catching a few too many recently). I made 3 all the same because she loses them easily (the collars are quick release and she tries to rub them off on everything). Apparently only birds see the collar, and she still catches rodents.
Finished sewing another bra. The one I made a few months ago is so comfortable. I made this one with a foam lining for a change. The pattern is a free download pdf pattern - Maya Bra by AFI Atelier (I modified the straps).
Last week I wrote that this cross stitch project was going to be a five year project, but it turns out I have only been working on it for two years, so it should still be what I originally planned - a three year project! I am trying to stitch a thread or motif a day now. The pattern is All Creatures Great and Small by Barbara Ana.
Temperature blanket.

Photos from Around-

We are still seeing flocks of Canada Geese flying north.
The little chicks started going outside for a few minutes each day this week. Miss Maggie is still keeping an eye on them.
Miss Molly too, but she tends to lunge at them, and scare them.
This one has places to go, she is definitely one of the most dominant ones (she is a Cinnamon Queen).
We think it is racoons eating up the eggs in the nests around the yard (the two Mallard nest and one Kildare nest - all were on the ground), but there is one little Mourning Dove in a tree that hopefully will survive.
We have had so much rain in the past few weeks that everything is so green.
This is during today's rainstorm - the vegetable garden never gets a chance to dry out, so I don't know when things will get planted. We did manage to get some mowing done in areas yesterday.

All the best!♥︎

Sunday, May 26, 2024

Week 21 of 2024

A couple knitting finishes this week -

A pair of handspun socks. They are my regular sock pattern with a simple 3x1 cable rib added for interest.
A handspun hat knit as part of a weekend knit along challenge. The pattern is The Traveller Hat by Andrea Mowry, and the knit along challenge was in Andrea Mowry's Ravelry group, to knit the hat between May 24th to 27th 2024.
More knitting on the temperature blanket too.
I also finished spinning the Wensleydale/Romney fibre. The yarn is quite fine, but scratchy, and I think would work well for weaving.

Photos from Around-

The bees sure are busy with all the dandelions. The yard is flooded because of all the rain this past week.
The chicks are growing fast.
Such big feet.
The Cinnamon Queens seem to have the most feathers.
Each of the Sapphire Gems have a distinct shade of grey feathers.
They are all developing quite the personalities, and are very friendly.
The Barred Plymouth Rocks are the ones that try to jump out every time the door is open.
Miss Molly helping out getting the chicken coop ready (it is one of the grain bins in the front yard).
Miss Maggie supervising as I stitch a cat like her on my three year cross stitch project (which will  probably be my five year project now since it has almost been three years and I am no where near done!).

All the best!♥︎

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