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I have been collecting fat quarters, mostly reproduction fabric, and have decided to make a large quilt (97" square). I hope you will consider quilting along with me!

 Designed with EQ7

This image represents the layout I have chosen, the blocks will probably be different. 
I will post 1 block pattern a week (every Wednesday). I will be making 2 blocks of every pattern. This pattern requires 40 scrappy blocks.

There are many other options for table runners, wall hangings, lap quilts..... shown here.

For this layout there are 41 alternating "Alabama Variation" blocks. These blocks will require (EQ7 requirements) approximately  - 

2 yards dark beige background fabric
2 yards light beige background fabric
1½ yards dark (black) fabric for the squares in the cross (more if you want a border and binding)
I bought about 1 more yard of each fabric so that I could make the alternating half blocks for the border (see border ideas)

I have chosen to use 9" blocks, with a 9 by 9 layout. The center of this quilt is 81" square. The borders are 8" to make a 97" square quilt. I think I will change the border to a scrappy pieced border with a small black inner border and black binding. (See Border Ideas for my final border selection

*Update (17th October, 2010) Other Quilt Options 
*Update #2 (14th November, 2010) Variation with an applique block
*Update #3 (22dn November, 2010) If you would like to add more applique.

The fabric I have been collecting is mostly from a fabric subscription I have of 1800's fabric.

I have been reading to achieve an old fashioned scrappy quilt, mix a variety of print sizes and colours in one block, so this is what I will try for this quilt.

Flickr Group 

Block #1 

 Block #2

 Block #3

 Block #4

 Block #6

Block #7 

 Block #8

 Block #9

 Block #10
Block #11

Block #12


 My pieced quilt top
Finish a quilt by the end of May, 2011 and send me a picture (joannethreadhead(at)gmail(dot)com). I will add it to this page. You will be entered into a draw for a surprise on June 1st, 2011. Good Luck!





Update 21st December 2011 - 

Deanna sent me these photos of her fabulous quilt.

I love how she did the outer border.

(Sorry - I have been meaning to post these fabulous pictures for a while.)
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