Sunday, January 26, 2020

Seems to Be Working

When I sat down at the sewing machine to quilt this morning I had an idea of how I wanted to start quilting the scrappy print sections of the Flowering Snowball quilt. I wanted something simple and started with an Orange Peel design (curved corner to corner lines around the shapes, about 1/4" from the edge to mimic hand quilting). Then I just echoed that design, about 1/2 away from the first line.

I am happy with how it is turning out.

Half of the squares are done.

Photos from around -

 Foggy this morning.
Molly struggling with another big stick.

All the best!♥︎

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Machine Quilting

I quilted one of my favourite designs - open heart feathers, on the Flowering Snowball quilt.

I finished all of the cream sections.

Now I have to decide what to quilt in the scrappy sections. I think I will keep it pretty simple.
I think not knowing what to quilt on this quilt is what kept me from finishing this five years ago (click here to see when I cut it out along with three other projects - two of the quilts have been well loved for a while, and the start of a project I recently finished).

I am almost ready to start the ribbing on the sweater.

All the best!♥︎

Friday, January 24, 2020


I finally got around to pinning the quilt I was hoping to start quilting last week.

It is a Flowering Snowball quilt I cut using a GO! die, and started about 5 years ago. 

Photos from around- 

 Molly finally managed to get her big stick home.
 She had a hard time maneuvering through her track, but she made it.
 The ice on the rink is so thick.
Luckily there is one tree by the rink, so we can stash our boots away from a puppy who likes to run away with them.
 A couple of coyotes caught on the trail cam last night.

All the best!♥︎

Thursday, January 23, 2020

More Tiling

Today was another tiling day. This time in our other bathroom. It is a tiny room at the back door (you can tell it is a farm house - it is so practical at the back door).

I tiled the backsplash around the sink,

and a row of tiles around the shower stall, to hide the edge of the shower. My men were a bit worried about how this would work, none of the walls are straight - the tiles did a good job of hiding the problems. Just the grouting left, but that can wait until next week.

Photos from around -

 Molly was determined to carry the biggest stick this morning.
Bark falling off a dead tree.

All the best!♥︎

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Holey Watermelon Wallhanging

I finished up the bright wall hanging today.

It is 21" x 25". The pattern is from a tutorial from Mary & Patch (she has some great patterns and tutorials on her blog, and an amazing portfolio of quilts).

Here is what I did-

I pieced the two layers with different size strips ranging in cut sizes from 1+1/4" to 2+1/2". Since I wanted the wallhanging to be a rectangle, the strips for each layer are different. For the bottom layer I pressed the seams all in one direction and for the top layer I pressed the seams open. I used mainly remnants of fat quarters and scraps, so lots of the strips are pieced (all those seams are pressed open).

For the bottom layer I machine quilted in the ditch with the walking foot. That is why I pressed the seams in one direction for this layer - I don't like stitching in the ditch over an open seam. I used matching coloured Aurifil thread for the quilting.

 For the batting I used one layer of cotton (sturdy and flat) and a half layer of wool batting (puffy).

For the top layer I tried out different sized squares of paper, and decided on 3" squares.

I cut my pieces of fabric to 4", and arranged them before starting to sew. After sewing the holes I realized I would have preferred the holes closer together.

I used 3 strands of embroidery floss to stitch a long running stitch through all the layers.

This was the hardest part of the whole thing - the tutorial recommends just having the binding holding the two layers together, but I wanted the top layer secured.

For the binding I used leftover pieces of strips, cut to 1+3/4" (single layer binding), joined with a straight seam (usually I piece binding at a 45º angle).
Painted Thread Sally (Crafts, Cavies and Cooking), and my son pointed out that it is the colour of a watermelon - Holey Watermelon seems an appropriate name.

It was a really fun project to make, and I see lots of potential for other projects (different shaped holes,  different sized holes, more embroidery, two dramatically different layers....)

Photos from around -

 The day started foggy, so there was some amazing hoarfrost.
I put this picture on my photo blog, but it is so beautiful I had to add it here.
Another amazing sunrise.
Can you tell puppy walking happens at sunrise and sunset.
Some more tracks,
and tunnels were added to Molly's race track.
It is hard to photograph a running puppy.
 Here she is coming out of a tunnel. I am amazed how much she loves running in and out, and around.
Don't worry about the tunnel collapsing, the snow is hard packed, like cement. Plus, she is never outside alone.

 All the best!♥︎

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Sunrise, Sunset



Today I sewed while waiting for varnish to dry on the baseboards-

Hand sewing on the wall hanging-

Another sunrise picture because I couldn't resist-

 All the best!♥︎

Monday, January 20, 2020

Sewing Fun

Today I was painting doors.

But at least I got to sew while waiting for paint to dry.

I quilted one of the wall hanging layers,

and started making holes in the other layer.

Photos from around-

 My son made a track for the puppy to have a run (she loves it).
 The hard packed snow looks and sounds like styrofoam.
Blowing snow at sunset.
Windy and cold.

All the best!♥︎

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Another Quilt!

This year I wanted to try to get back into blogging - it's been wonderful. I am remembering all the things I like about blogs, and why I got started. The one thing I forgot was how inspirational they are. I thought this year I wouldn't start any new quilting projects, but reading blogs and seeing so many beautiful things, I just couldn't resist!

This is the start of a wall hanging that I saw on a blog tutorial. Should just be a quick project and then I will get back to my other works-in-progress.... Squirrel!

Photos from around-

I did some more tiling this weekend - the bathroom backsplash (I had ran out of tiles when I tiled around the bath tub). Also the mirror went up, the bath tub taps are in, and the door mouldings were installed. I am so pleased that it is coming together.
There are large snow drifts after yesterday's storm. 
Molly loves to dig in the snow.
Her coat is getting small, but it still works.

All the best!♥︎

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Thimbles Table Runner

The Thimbles table runner is all finished!

This is the first of my WOOFA challenge projects to be finished. It was my leader/ender project (a little piece of fabric to stitch when piecing other projects, so I don't have to cut the thread) for the past 6 years. There are 915 thimbles! But who's counting! There are 15 rows of 61 thimbles per row. It is 19"x56".

I use a little template to cut the thimbles. The finished pieces are just over an inch high and about the same on the bottom. I will keep making these because I think it is the best way for me to use little bits of fabric, and they are the perfect size for a leader/ender.

Over the years I have made a few different table mats with these thimbles, and I have learned that it is best to have an odd number in the row and to press the seams in one direction. This way the rows can go any way. I have also learned not to bother rearranging the rows because there will always be similar fabric near each other. This time I only found two spots where the same fabric thimbles stack on each other. When sewing rows I pinned the first row, then realized it was a waste of time (60 pins!), after I just locked the seams together while sewing and it worked fine.

this was my Grandmother's thimble
I used one layer of Hobbs Heirloom Natural cotton batting to make a flat runner. I used Aurifil 50wt thread for the free motion quilting, and quilted an overall meander, because it is my favourite to quilt.

I made this for the top of an entertainment unit. It is really so the dust doesn't show as much!

 Photos from around -

Stormy day.
 Maggie watching the snow fall off the window.
With all the fresh snow we tried out our new snow shoes.
They are much better than the old fashioned ones I have.

All the best!♥︎