Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Show and Tell with a Twist

This week I thought I would show some easy quilting designs that are favorites of mine.
These are really just doodling with your sewing machine. The best tip I ever heard was to practice doodling on a piece of paper before heading to the machine, this gets the design in your brain first.

One of the easiest designs to quilt is loops - I find this easier than meandering, because you can cross over lines. It is easy to get out of tight spots with loops - that is why it is my favorite. The important thing to remember is to loop one way and than in the other direction.

Loops are a great design to add to other designs.


These are pretty small.

They make a great over all design with loops.
This mini quilt can be seen here.

Holly leaves, the loops become berries (I noticed that the arrows are in the reverse direction, hopefully you will figure it out).

Any size works well.

These are bigger.
This Christmas tree skirt can be seen here.

Candle wick leaves and loops.

Leaves or Hearts.

Dragonflies and loops.

Candle wick leaves make a great border design. As with the loops, they look good in opposite directions.

Stylized flower in a border.

The possibilities are endless in machine quilting!
Remember to use the correct needle for the thread being used and try slowing down. I do a better job when I wear quilting gloves (rubber gloves work in a pinch).

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!
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