Monday, April 5, 2010

Daily Sewing

Yesterday I mentioned that I had seen on someones blog (sorry I can't remember whose) how their goal for April was to sew everyday, and that I was going to try this for the rest of the month. My friend Wendy said she was going to join in. Maybe other people would like to join in?
Today's sewing was finishing my stool cover.

It is also my first finish for April.

I also set up a pile of practice pieces for machine quilting - muslin layered with scraps of different types of batting (wool, cotton, poly-cotton). Diane Gaudynski recommends practicing machine quilting everyday to get better and so I thought I would keep something handy for the days I didn't have something to sew.
My family were surprised that I didn't already sew everyday!! I don't know who they think does all the cleaning, cooking, laundry......! Maybe they think little fairies come in at night - oh no, that's my fantasy!!

Have a great day!!


GailM. said...

To sew a bit every day is a fun challenge. Love the purple flowers on your stool cover. Love the quilting too. That's a great idea to make some practice sandwiches. They say, practice, practice practice makes perfect..

Sewing Junkie said...

My Grandmother sewed everyday but Friday and she cleaned and did ironing. Everyday she would get up and do one load of laundry she had three girls and do what ever cooking that had to be done for the family. Then she would sew all day. She did sewing and alterations for a living. In her lifetime she wore out almost 10 sewing machines. Hope you get the chance to sew everyday. Chris

Anonymous said...

What?? NO FAIRIES!!! Its a fantasy! Guess that's why I have dust bunnies everywhere;-)

Love the stool cover, is it your own design?

After I get done big 15 minutes, I think I will do those practice pieces, great idea.


Wendy said...

Beautiful stool cover. Nice texture on the quilting. Great job!

Joan said...

A like minded thinker I can see...I am also wishing for fairies :) Looking forward to seeing more of your quilting.

Karen said...

Love your stool cover. It's gorgeous! And making up a bunch of quilt sandwiches to practise is a wonderful idea. I'll have to do that too.

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