Friday, April 30, 2010

Another Quilt Show

My sister and I headed out to another great quilt show today. This time it was in Morden, MB.
There were so many beautiful quilts and such talented artists! Here are a few pictures.

The next one is designed by Blue Meadow Designs, Manitoba quilt designers. We saw quite a few of their designs today, and they also had a booth at the sale. Such talented women!

This next one was a signature quilt, believed to be from around WW2.

The next one had beautiful hand embroidered details.

Of course I managed to do some shopping! I was able to find some extra fabric for my Pinwheel Sampler quilt! Also bought some silk thread at Quilters' Jewel, before we headed to the show. Managed to find a good deal on pressing bars there too. And a bunch of other necessities!!

I met some wonderful people, and had such a good time with my sister! We had a great day!

Have a great day too!! Thanks for stopping in!


Cyndi said...

Every one of those quilts is awesome! Glad you found the fabric you needed, and had fun in the process!



Diane aka cameldiva said...

What lovely quilts!
I am newish to quilting and stumbled on your blog. Looks like the show you went to was better than the one I attended here in Calgary (Canada Quilts). It being a juried, best of the best blah blah blah kinda show. I found it a little snobbish and more fibre artsy ... maybe it is because I love traditional quilts. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Joan said...

Beautiful quilta Joanne, I also enjoyed seeing what you bought...and how wonderful to be able to share all this with your siser - very special

GailM. said...

I love the pictures from the quilt show. The first one is spectacular. Like sunflowers. Glad you showed the closeups. I have the pattern for the LoveJoy quilt. I just completed a Wedge table runner and I love the one you showed. so much more complicated. Love it all. All our local shows are starting up soon. I can't wait.

Deanna said...

YAY! for finding the fabric you needed. I look forward to seeing your additional blocks. And, thanks for sharing the show pictures. The next best thing to being there.

Sandra Henderson said...

Oh my. Just Incredible! Thank you for finding me so that I may now find YOU! and your lovely blog! :)
This show looks so wonderful! Such talented women you have where you live! Thank you so much for sharing this with us... I must come back later to look again. I've put you on my blog list so that I will come visit you more often.
I wanted to tell you that for some reason my email doesn't let me email when I click on all of my fiends email link on their profile. I try to respond back on my blog though. Also, I will try to put more quilting related things soon, I go in stages I'm afraid of animals, ocean, quilts, you just never know, sorry about this in advance. It's whatever happens around me... :) So nice to have met you!

Quilting Queen said...

Wow...great quilts, can't decide which one I liked the best...oh well, I guess I'll just have to admit it..I loved them all. Thanks for posting, nothing more enjoyable than looking at quilt shows...

Wendy said...

Lovely quilts! Tx for taking photos for all of us.

One question, what are pressing bars?

Gloria said...

Thanks for the quilt show! Enjoyed all the quilts! Great stitching ideas, too!