Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Show and Tell with a Twist

For this weeks show and tell I decided to talk about a tool that I have and love.

The Tri-Recs tool from EZ Quilt.
I originally bought this tool to make this table runner.

It is from a kit that I bought here. The pattern is "Candy Corn Cotillion" by Willow Berry Lane.

The Tri-Recs is used to make this block (I don't the name).

I have made a couple of variations of this pattern.

I have also made a couple of other quilts with the tools (I only have a picture of one of the quilts, the other is a similar variation).

Only the half triangle is used.

The blocks are made up of two halves and a reverse block is also used.

Today I tried making another pattern with the tool. I have seen similar "tumbler" or "thimble" quilts around and thought the tri tool would work.

I used 2½" strips of fabric. The tape helped me remember which lines I was using to cut.

I ended up with this.

I alternated the seams to reduce the bulk by using the little trick of unpicking a couple of stitches.

I added some applique. It will be a seat cover for a stool. There is lots of room to try out some new techniques in machine quilting.

This is my first practice piece since I bought Diane Gaudynski's book. It was lots of fun!!

Today my DH made a chocolate desert from my friend Wendy's blog, and it was delicious. He said it was easy to make. Thanks Wendy!!

Have a great day!!


Abby and Stephanie said...

I see you like rulers. Great tape trick.

GailM. said...

Thanks for showing your table runners with the Tri-Recs. I love the candy corn in the points. I totally missed that at the first glance. Nice detail. I've put a link to this in my "To-Do" sidebar and I'm going to dig out my Tri-rex rulers and make this as soon as I get home. There's a step by step on the EZ Wrights website too. Many thanks. The Chocolate looks delish.

I made a table runner yeaterday, thanks to the inpsiration from your Jan 1st post... I'll post later today about. I got to try out my new halo too... Love it!

Karen said...

Your new project looks great - love the colours you've chosen.

Wendy said...

Wow! You've been busy! I just got my books today and am eager to begin. I'll let you know what I think of them. Ran to the store and bought #70 universal needles (they don't have the MArtex sharps, so I'll have to mail order them).

LOL, I bought those tri-recs rulers and shoved them in a drawer. I've had no idea what to use them for except for Bonnie Hunter's patterns. Good to see them used.

Glad you liked the little cake recipe. Do you like soup? I'm going to post a lovely italian toscana recipe soon.

Quilting Queen said...

Hi Joanne...I really like your blog...Have found ispiration to get back to work and that is a good thing. Thanks.

Gloria said...

I didn't even notice the background piecing on your stool cover till now...the quilting was too beautiful to notice!

Gloria said...

Oh ya, thanks for the inspiration for using the tri-recs tool, I still haven't tried mine out yet!

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