Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fibre Art Network Quilts

At the quilt show that I went to on Friday there was a special display by the Fibre Art Network. The group has members across Western Canada. This collection is called "Canadian Content" (more pictures, along with descriptions can be seen here on their website). The quilts were incredible in person!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


Raewyn said...

Wow, there's some real beauties there - and a great variety. Love the play with light in some of them.

Eileen said...

I love those quilts, especially the one with the sun reflecting off the water. Thank you for sharing.

Sylke Feldhusen said...

Beautiful quilts!

Thank you again for your quilt-sew-along and the tutorials, it was so good to follow your instructions! Now I'm ready with all my blocks, I make my quilt smaller than yours, with 12 blocks and 13 alternate blocks! You can see pictures on my blog today if you like ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, those are amazing. A few look like giant pictures and not quilts, especially the first one.

Thanks for sharing.
blessings, jilly

Vivian said...

I just came across your post. thanks for giving FAN pubicity!
the first photo is my Kauai Gold!

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