Friday, October 30, 2015

Few Words Friday

I finally finished machine quilting my Double Wedding Ring quilt - time to cut all the threads on the back.

I practiced 'Plumifying" - from a Patsy Thompson Craftsy class on feathers.

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Friday, October 23, 2015

Few Words Friday

Finished up the L'Enveloppe.

Starting knitting a Seeds to Flowers Cowl.

Still machine quilting!

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Friday, October 16, 2015

Another Tumbler Quilt

I  finished the tumbler quilt I made over the summer.

The 3.5" tumblers were cut with the GO! when I was stash busting in the spring. It is 68"x95" (twin quilt size). There are 650 tumblers, set at 25/row and 26 rows. For this one I used the same fabric for the tumblers on the ends of the rows and added the same fabric as a border at the top and bottom, to have the tumblers 'floating'.

I quilted Hooked Feathers in the outer (5") border. I started by marking the curving spine with white marking pen that irons out (this is the one that doesn't look like it works until you let it sit for a few seconds, then the line appears). I am amazed that some people still recommend the Frixion pen with all that is known about it.
I stitched the spine first and then the hooked feathers on the side closest to the little inside border.

Then I added the binding without cutting away the excess backing and batting.

This way I had room for my hand, and could easily stitch the second side of the feather right up to the binding. Otherwise I run the risk of covering up the quilting when I bind the quilt. I know I could mark where the binding would go, but marking isn't my thing - the only marking I did on this quilt was the feather spine (I wanted it to curve back and forth evenly around the border), and the 45º at the corner.

For the corner I marked a 45 degree angle and worked the feather around.

For the other free motion quilting designs I chose to meander over the tumblers (just because I love stitching meanders), an angled 'bumping background' for the border created by the tumblers, and a small swirl in the 1" border.
All the free motion quilting was done on my domestic sewing machine using Bottom Line thread in the top and bobbin (all done in the same taupe #617 colour - a great thread that matched everything). I had a #80 regular Organ needle in the sewing machine. The batting is silk, Hobbs Tuscany. The backing is double wide flannel.

Silk batting is lightweight and warm, and so easy to quilt on a domestic sewing machine. After washing it shrinks slightly and has that nice crinkle look.

This lace hat is another finish this week. The pattern is from the Craftsy class New Directions in Lace (more details can by found on my Ravelry page if you are interested). It is one of the classes I have watched since buying the month pass. 
I am going through as many classes as I can, watching parts that I find useful, some I watch at 1.5 or 2 times the speed - it is still perfectly clear and easy to follow, I also have been downloading the class material from many classes that I might not have time to watch. 

I find the baking/cooking classes really nice and I am amazed at what I have learned (classes that I wouldn't have thought of buying).

This bread is from 'Artisan Bread in Minutes'. The recipe makes a large batch of dough and it is kept it in the fridge (for up to two weeks, but mine has never lasted that long - we are on our third batch in less than two weeks!), then you just take out as much dough as you need. The class shows all kinds of ways to use the dough.

We have been making pizza - quick and easy - the dough rests on the counter while the pizza stone heats in the oven.

These cinnamon knot buns I made with the brioche dough I made from the class ' Classic and Creative Brioche Pastries'.

Some WIPs -

I am knitting L'Enveloppe by Sally Melville, with some yarn I blended and spun.

The cowl I am knitting with yarn from New Zealand is coming along nicely  - this is my take along project because the lace is so easy to knit.

I am free motion quilting the double wedding ring quilt I pieced earlier in the year. It is wool batting and much puffier than the silk.

This work in progress is one that I am amazed by. I have been trying to grow avocado pits for years, and this one is growing!

In the summer I won a set of knitting needles during the Tour de Fleece. They were Knitters Pride needles, well KP had a photo contest recently and this was my entry (the theme was what our KP needles matched) -

I was surprised to win a set of double pointed "Marblz" needles.

They are so pretty!

Since I rarely use DPN's, and didn't want them to just sit in a drawer, I put them on display in my sewing room - with a crochet heart from my niece.

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Friday, October 2, 2015

A Share (or Two)

I wanted to share this link for an 'All Access Class Pass' on Craftsy.
I don't have any affiliation to Craftsy (I don't get anything from sharing this link), I am sharing it because I first found this on someones website for $19US, but the link I am sharing is for $9US ($12.71 Canadian today). I bought it for the higher price believing it was a good deal (I don't know why Craftsy has different prices for the same thing, they do this often). The pass is for unlimited viewing of all the Craftsy classes (over 800) for the month of October - plus all the downloads (patterns, recipes....).

Just because I can't blog without a photo, I am sharing a photo of some boxes my husband and I recently made from the wood of an old tv stand we took apart (older style that didn't fit today's flat screen tv's) - perfect for holding quilt tops waiting for quilting and fibre waiting to be spun. The images are from The Graphics Fairy, transferred with wax paper.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!♥︎
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