Sunday, January 15, 2023

A Couple of Weavings

I finished a couple of woven table runners recently. Both from kits I bought when I went to the Yarn Barn of Kansas in December. The are both overshot, woven with tencel and mercerized cotton.

The first is the pattern Rings of Circles. This is the first time I have woven with tencel (and I heard it can be problematic), but apart one of the floating selvedges breaking non-stop, it was fine (I think it was because it was the outer round of thread on the cone, and maybe it was already abraded).  
An old sad iron makes a great weight when twisting fringe.
The second one is Thanksgiving Table Runner in the autumn colour way 
For this one I removed the outer couple of yards of thread from each cone before measuring out the warp and had no problems with broken threads.
Overshot is fun to weave - it uses two shuttles (one pattern and one tabby), one after the other.
And each side is opposite, so it looks good on both sides.
Both table runners are lovely, but for now I have the "thanksgiving"one on the table.

Photos from Around-

I wanted to take my machine in for a check-up, but my son told me he could do it and he did.
It amazes me to see the insides of a sewing machine.
We had days of beautiful rime ice!
And learned something new, becuase it isn't hoar frost.
and Maggie in the tree.

All the best!♥︎

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