Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Catching Up

It has been quite a while since I have been here. Lots of things are happening which is good.

I have finished a few knitting projects-

Another beret, knit out of handspun leftover from a cowl I made recently. I knit this one with a strand of kidsilk too (Aloft by Knit Picks). The pattern is Salut Cheri! Beret by Sari Nordlund (a free pattern). I made this one a bit different from the last one I made - I knit another set of increases but didn't knit as much before starting the increases (the other hat is lovely and warm, but falls over my eyes when I am not wearing my glasses).

A pair of handspun socks. This is a BFL/Nylon blend that I dyed and spun. The yarn is a bit thicker, perfect for winter in boots. I knit the top of the foot and the leg in a 3x1 rib pattern for a change (I wouldn't bother again). These are toe-up socks, knit two-at-a-time on a long circular needle, 56 stitches, on a 2.75mm needle.

For something different I knit a little mouse, with a sweater (all from handspun).

She is finished with a little sewn dress and a string of pearls. The pattern is also a free one - A Very Mice Christmas Pudding by Abigail Originals (it is a bit of a vague pattern).

I finished a few weaving projects-

In November I took a free online weaving class - 'Discover Colour' at Warp and Weave. It was all about how colours interact in weaving. It very interesting and I learned a lot - both teachers are amazing. This is the piece fresh off the loom.

We made mug rugs during the class, but I had enough and had to change things up, so I made a little towel and some kitchen cloths too.

Since I don't need little mug rugs, some went to someone with grandchildren. I couldn't have been happier when I was sent this picture of the pieces being put to a better use - doll house rugs!

These are some dish towels I wove. The pattern is Pure Delight, from the Jan/Feb 2015 issue of Handwoven magazine. It was a nice, easy pattern to weave - I used 8/2 cotton.

This is on the loom, 
 and after washing the squares turned to circles.

Once again my craft room is all packed away as we are deep into basement renovations. Now there is an end in sight, and things that have been packed away for over 2 years will be coming out soon!

Photos from around -

The beginning of December marked the one year anniversary of Molly coming to live with us.
She sure was tiny, but grew so quickly!
Here she is now (no snow this year).
She loves rocks and has been decorating her outdoor house with them (?).
Little Miss Maggie has been staying inside more these days. 
She likes to sleep under the Christmas tree (there are no decorations at the bottom of the tree just in case she gets any ideas).
Plus she likes to sleep in sun beams.

All the best!♥︎
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