Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Easy Half Square Triangles

For the next few days I will be posting little tutorials I want to have on my blog as reference for some future projects I have planned.

An easy way I like to make half square triangles is to start with two squares of different fabrics.

The size of the squares is the finished size of the half square triangle needed plus 7/8". Since the blocks will be trimmed you can just add 1" to the finished size.
Draw a diagonal line on the back of the lighter fabric and lay it on the darker fabric, right sides together - all the sides should be even. Stitch the two squares together, by sewing 1/4" away from the line, on both sides of the line.

Cut on the drawn line and press the seams to the dark fabric. The two squares results in two half square triangles (HST).

Trim the half square triangles to the needed size plus 1/2" for seam allowance. A square ruler is handy because you can line up the diagonal line to get even triangles when trimming.

I am working on some little blocks again.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


Raewyn said...

I have learnt to always trim my hst now - never used to, but it's just the finishing touch for them, and makes the whole block so much more accurate. Your little tutorials are great for others to refer to as well, last night I looked up your bump-bump feathers post - thankyou!!

Terri said...

Love the tut, but shouldn't it say to sew on "both" sides of the line? I couldn't figure out how you got 2 when I was only sewing once. (Usually these HST tuts want you to add 7/8ths to the finish size. Who can do that? An inch, and then trim is much more reasonable IMO.)

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