Sunday, July 7, 2024

Week 27 of 2024

This week I sewed a sundress-
It is the same as one I made last year (a combination of two different Lutterloh patterns). This one is from a rayon fabric given to me by a friend clearing out her stash.
I finished the skein of yarn I was spinning last week for Tour de Fleece. A blend for socks.

Works in Progress-
Temperature blanket (over half way now).
I finished the little "mountain" scene along the bottom!

Photos from Around-
Lots of aerial spraying in the area because of all the water in the fields (this one started just after 5am spraying across the highway - amazing skill!).
Molly in the long grass (canola field in bloom across the road).
The perennial flower beds are really starting to bloom.
Nine heads down, eating a treat of cracked corn.
Greta came and sat with me while I was taking a break with the chickens - she is one of the friendliest and usually comes over to be petted (after I took this photo, she walked up and snuggled by my neck - I don't think I can ever eat chicken again!).
Nine weeks old now.

All the best!♥︎

Sunday, June 30, 2024

Week 26 of 2024

Tour de Fleece started yesterday (an annual spinning event that takes place at the same time as Tour de France and Tour de France Femmes). My goal is to spin at least half an hour everyday, and to spin yarn for socks (also trying to make a more consistent sock yarn).

I finished a bobbin of a spin I had in progress.
I also dyed up some more fibre in preparation.
I also sewed a tank top using the same fabric as the cardigan I made last week.

Works in Progress-

Temperature blanket
Cross stitch
New "on the go" socks. This is a gradient handspun.

Photos from Around - 

The chicks have started getting waddles - 2 months old now.
Also they still mainly 
"peep", but have started "clucking" too.
We had some lovely weather this week - the big girls resting in the hot sunroom. The yard finally dried up after over a month of standing water here and there.
Then Friday it poured and we are back to standing water.
The surrounding fields are full of water too.
The upside is that I have never seen every thing so green and lush.
We had a few more bee swarms this week (they think it might have to do with all the rain, because the hives aren't full).
Molly helping out with more tree trimming today.

All the best!♥︎

Sunday, June 23, 2024

Week 25 of 2024

This week I sewed another Blackwood Cardigan (a pattern from Helen's Closet)-
I have lost track of how many of these I have made. This one is a crop version.

Works in Progress-

Temperature blanket
Cross stitch

Photos from Around-

Maggie keeping me company in the garden.
So interesting!
Molly finds them interesting too.
Rainbow on the way home yesterday.
The poor garden doesn't seem to get a chance to dry out, but things are coming up.
Today the bees swarmed again, but they left the yard this time.

All the best!♥︎

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Week 24 of 2024

This week I made another tiny pincushion from a circle of fabric, a button, some thread, crushed walnut shells, and an old Christmas light reflector.

Works in Progress-
Cross stitch
Temperature blanket

Photos from Around- 

Molly on our morning walk.
Maggie resting after getting injured (probably fighting another cat that has been coming around).
The bees swarmed this week.
Luckily they stayed in the yard and were retrieved - now we have another hive (you can see the clump on one of the branches).
New wildflowers blooming in the yard.
I had company while I was working in the garden this week (still not all planted, but getting there).
The garlic is doing well (more rain last night).
The perennial flower beds are also doing well too.
The Killdeer eggs hatched yesterday - 3 tiny babies staying so still.
Later on the day they were running down the driveway in front of the car and I had to shoo one out of the way (about 2" tall!). Once they hatch they look like miniatures of their parents.
These girls (fingers crossed they are all girls!) are getting big.
They have moved outside to the coop full time this week,
and have settled in well (6 weeks old).

All the best!♥︎

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