Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Apple Core Quilt

I finished the Apple Core Quilt.

It came out to be 65" x 55".

For those interested, here are some how-to's.

I cut the apple cores with the Baby GO! and the 6¼" Apple Core die.

I used ½ meter cuts (about 20") of 8 different fabrics (I used "Along the Fence" by Kim Diehl for Henry Glass & Co.) to make this quilt, plus another 0.8 meters (30") for the binding. Sorry about the metric and imperial measurements - we buy fabric by the meter, but all the quilting is in inches.

I cut the fabric in length wise strips (very important to minimize stretching) slightly bigger than the width of the shape (I cut 5+3/4" strips), and folded in into lengths that were 7½". You can cut up to 6 layers at a time.

I gently pressed on the die where the blades are to make sure to make sure the fabric was placed correctly.

This isn't what Accuquilt recommends (I mean the size of the fabric pieces, although you probably aren't supposed to press you fingers on the die either!), but by cutting the strips this size I was able to get 21 Apple Cores from each ½ meter. The package states that from 1 yard of fabric you can cut 24 or more Apple Cores using pieces that are 6½ x 8".

The 5+3/4" x 7½" pieces work fine if you are careful. With very little waste.

21 Apple Cores and the scraps from a ½ meter of fabric.

These Apple Cores are nice and large, and go together so well, with notches for accuracy.

Start by pining the notches,

and then pining the edges, I added an extra pin in between (5 pins each side is all it takes).

¼" seam.

I clipped each curve about every inch after stitching. Press the seams as you go and press the seams towards the concave curve.

I found it was easiest to work in groups of 4.

When sewing the groups of 2 together match the seams first,

by locking the seams together and then pinning.

Match the notches and ends. I also added an extra pin in between.

When pressing, fan the seams by unpicking a few stitches,

the seams were perfect every time.

When I made the quilt I worked in rows of 2 and just kept adding.

My quilt is 12 rows by 14 rows and I used all 168 Apple Cores.

I did starch it for the final pressing with Mary Ellen's Best Press.

I also added a machine appliqued rabbit (the pattern for this is from "Simple Seasons" by Kim Diehl) just because I had just bought the book and thought the rabbit went with the curves of the apple cores.

I did the machine quilting on my home sewing machine using Aurifil thread (bought from Tristans -check out this months special) and wool batting with flannel backing, using a #80 Microtex needle.

This is the flannel back showing the quilting.

I sketched out a few designs before I started quilting.

I made a cardboard template for the apples so that they would all be the same size and just traced around it with a Clover iron out pen. I would just traced them as it was time to add an apple. Plus lots of echoing and some feathers freehand.

To bind the quilt I made a continuous bias binding using this method and a 30" square of fabric. It went on beautifully and I would definitely use this method again.

This was a really simple, fun quilt to make, and such a nice change from the usual straight lines.

Here is another link for a quilt using the same die, very pretty using just 4 colours -Four Colour Apple Core Throw , from Fave Quilts a new website of free quilt patterns (I have a couple on the site).

I have recently discovered Google Images as a way to search for quilt patterns and if you search Apple Cores there are some amazing images! It is such a beautiful pattern and my hat goes off to those who make it all by hand!!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!♥

Monday, May 30, 2011

Quick Post

I finished quilting my mother's quilt,

I quilted a large feather in the 11" border (the first time I have quilted such large design), it was lots of fun to quilt. I used a Hera Marker to mark the center vein and then free handed the lobes. I stitched the vein first and then added one side and then the other of the feather.

I also finally got started on my Granny's Hankie May BOM. Hopefully I will start stitching it tomorrow.

I am thrilled to say that this book came in the mail today! I won it from Needled Mom. It is a book that people read and then pass on (in a draw). The amazing thing is that every one has signed their names inside - the book has been to quite a few places. I am looking forward to starting it.

I have been spending less time on the computer and it is amazing what gets done!
I have finished the apple core quilt and I will post a tutorial on it soon.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, May 29, 2011


I am still quilting my mother's quilt,

just had to stop because I ran out of thread, hopefully I will get some more tomorrow as I just have a small bit of the outer border to do.

I like how the quilting has turned out. The red diamonds seem to pop out of the quilt because they are not quilted.

The thread that I am using is Presencia (50wt). It is the first time I have used it and it sews beautifully - I have had no problems with breakage.

My only complaint is that the end of the thread is held down with a dot of tape (as seen in the picture), so instead of the thread coming off the spool when it was finished, it pulled and broke the needle, scratched the throat plate on my machine, pulled the threads in the fabric (luckily no hole)! My thread is covered on my machine when I sew, but for the next 3 spools that I finished (they are only 100meter spools) I made sure to pay close attention when I came near the end of the spool.

Around here

we have had more rain and

my oldest built a computer (it has always been his dream).

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mom's Quilt

I started quilting my mother's quilt.

I knew I wanted to quilt a swirl design in the "stars" and the talented Desley (of Addicted to Quilts) suggested I quilt a flower in the center of the star. I had originally thought that the area was too small, but when I looked at it again there was lots of room for a flower. Thanks so much Desley!! I love how the quilting is turning out. I am planning on doing a swirl in the small border and a feather design in the outer border. If you know my mom please don't tell her - I want it to be a surprise!

I find than it is even easier to quilt a large quilt than a small one because all the fabric tends to hold the quilt on the table. The apple core quilt I just finished kept falling off the table as I was quilting. I like to bunch the quilt around the sewing machine and kind of tuck it under, so that it holds itself up, but leaves the area that I am working on with room to move.

I didn't want to quilt too heavily on this quilt because it is going to be a bed quilt. I am using wool batting and I don't want to flatten it too much. Sleeping under a wool quilt is the best thing - it keeps you at just the right temperature without being heavy like cotton. I hear that silk batting is even better and I will try that on my next quilt. It is even supposed to be easier to machine quilt than wool - can't imagine.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

Monday, May 23, 2011

What to Quilt?

I have finished quilting the apple core quilt, now I have to decide what design to quilt on this quilt! I layered and pinned it today.

the picture doesn't do it justice
Another king size quilt - it is about 105" square (fills my dining room!). I think I will do a feather design in the outer border, but I haven't decided what design to quilt in the center.

It is a quilt top that my mother made. The pattern was inspired by "Facets" from an old issue of Quiltmaker magazine (Jan/Feb '03). I modified it with EQ7. She made it from Robert Kaufman fabric I bought while on holiday in Oregon a few years ago.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Quilting Apples

Today I started machine quilting the apple core quilt.

I am using an allover apple, feather and echoing design.

I drew out a couple of options before I decided which one I liked.

I am using an apple design I cut out of cardboard to trace around, so that the apples are consistent, but the rest of the designs are free hand.

This is the flannel back - I am also adding some free hand apple cores. The batting is wool, and I am using a copper coloured Aurifil thread in the top and bobbin.

When I have finished the quilt I will post a tutorial on how I made it - so there will be more details later.

The rain has stopped so I managed to get a bit of planting done today.

More tulips - just because I love the colours of these ones.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Friday Night Sew-In Results

Last night I just sewed some tumblers.

These are tumblers that I cut with the GO!, using leftovers fabric from the THQA quilt. I have been using them as my "leaders and enders", so it was nice to just sew them. They go together so well.

I have almost 10 rows sewn so far and I think I will have enough tumblers for 23 rows (should be a lap quilt).

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Night Sew-In

I haven't done much sewing this week (I did finish piecing the apple cores and I will show it later in the week).
Finally the weather has become wonderful, and I have been spending time out doors!!!

I have been digging and getting the beds ready,

the vegetable garden has been rototilled!
Last week I saw snow flakes!! Amazing what can happen in a week. Just about all the trees have their leaves too.

The tulips are still doing well,

and the irises have started to bloom.

This little tree swallow has been checking out the birdhouse,

while her mate stays close by.

Today there was a Volunteer Chapel and Tea at my youngest son's school. He will be graduating from that school this year and going on to high school. I started volunteering there in 1996 when my oldest son started Kindergarten. We did live in Alberta for 2½ years and I volunteered at their schools there. Since we have been back in Manitoba I have been lucky enough to volunteer at the school one day a week for the past 4 years - in Kindergarten and the library every week, and when needed for my son's class and for different activities. It has been an absolutely wonderful experience! And I have loved every minute!

I was given a this beautiful bouquet of flowers in recognition.

Tonight is the Friday Night Sew In hosted by Heidi and Bobbi.

I am planning on sewing some more tumblers together.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!
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