Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dear Jane Weekend

It seems to be coming a pattern for me to make Dear Jane blocks while Skypeing with friends on the weekend - very enjoyable.

These are the six Dear Jane blocks I made today. I am trying to make a hard one, an easy one and a few appliqué ones every week (that's the plan this week!).
There is a wonderful blog - That Quilt - that has instruction for how she made the blocks. I read on the blog - "When in doubt - appliqué", and that is exactly what I am doing, if the blocks seem too complicated, I have been appliquéing them (invisible machine appliqué with the seam allowance turned under) -just because I love appliqué.

18 (4+1/2") blocks so far, and I have a few ready for sewing tomorrow.
The blocks sure can be a challenge, but I love the look of them, and I am really pleased with how they are coming.

Someone likes to fly their remote control helicopter in to mess up the blocks!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


Elin said...

Very nice blocks! I hope to return to my DJblocks soon, I have not touched them for a year.. This was great inspiration!

Lesley said...

Beautiful blocks!

Me and My Stitches said...

Your blocks look great! I would consider confiscating the helicopter!

Sue said...

Just love the fabric you chose for your DJ blocks !

Raewyn said...

Beware of Helicopters in Sewing Rooms!! Your blocks are looking great! Have a good week.

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