Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Summer Time Fun

It is always amazing how fast summer flies by! 

The garden has done so well, and we are canning or freezing something everyday.

We even have proper corn to eat (we have tried on and off for years without much luck).

I finished making a few things recently-

I sewed a dress with fabric that I thought I would make a skirt with last month.
The pattern is from this Japanese magazine (vol 10 - Amazon link).
My Mom and I have made so many things from this one issue, that the magazine is bulging with the traced tissue paper patterns.
This is the pattern I used.
I made it with some fabric I was given and then dyed with indigo last summer.
I finished knitting a pair of socks from some handspun yarn. This is a BFL/Nylon blend that I dyed then spun.  They are 56 stitches, toe-up socks, knit magic loop, two-at-a-time, on a 2.75mm circular needle, with a slip stitch heel flap, and gusset.
I didn't quite have enough of the yellow/grey mix, and added some grey stripes on the leg.
These are the latest socks on the needles - a merino/nylon blend this time.

Photos from around-
 Molly waiting for someone to join her on the trampoline.
I can never resist great clouds.
The next place down the road just has some old buildings.
I think this barn is interesting with the boards on the diagonal.
A Great Blue Heron came to visit.
The surrounding field of canola is almost ready for harvest.
We have a new windmill to aerate the pond (we are trying to get it cleaned up since we swim in it).

All the best!♥︎

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