Friday, July 28, 2023

Into the Swing

I always find it hard to get back into the swing of blogging after a big break, but here goes!

I am still been having fun sewing clothes-

Another self drafted skirt from a Craftsy class. This one with a waistband (and pockets).

The next ones are from Lutterloh patterns.
A sundress (#87 from supplement 321, with the bodice modified from #129 from supplement 322).
Knit wrap top (variation of #74 supplement 320).
Summer home dress (#50 supplement 320) using fabric from a friend. I added pockets to this too.
Knit wrap dress (#12 supplement 325) for my Mom.

I am really enjoying sewing with Lutterloh (The Golden Rule) patterns. Since they are just patterns and no sewing instructions, it is fun to work out how to sew the garments together. It is so easy to modify and meld patterns together to create the garments I think I would like.

I finished a couple of knitted items-

This pattern is the Haiku Cardi by Svetlana Volkova. I knit it with handspun held with a strand of mohair/silk, it is soft and lightweight. This was my knitting on a road trip we took last month.
A pair of (Christmas) socks, knit with commercial yarn that I had dyed (I started these a few years ago), This was a car knitting project too.

Photos from Around-

As I mentioned we went on a road trip in June - we took my 88 years young Dad to visit his three sisters in Ontario. The trip was absolutely lovely.

It did start out with a couple of tow truck trips (a new adventure!). It was heartwarming how people went out of their way to help us, pushing the car off the road when everything stopped working on it, offering us rides... But after a few days we were on the road again and the rest of the trip was great, well except for the broken spring on the second last day, but we made it home safe and sound (and now we have a new car!).
It was wonderful to see family we hadn't seen for a while. We went the northern route on the way there, came back through the U.S. on the way back, and saw different attractions just for fun.

 When we came back there was some weeding to catch up on, and I was lucky to have Molly to keep me company.
This year the garden was all planted before the beginning of June (a first for me, the weather was great), and the garden is doing good.
We are eating well.

The flowers are doing well too (we could do with more rain as you can tell in the above photos the grass is not doing so good).
A drone photo from the beginning of June (we now have a pool - after I had water bugs stuck to me I didn't like swimming in the pond, and a dirt bike track, thats' not for me, but it is fun).
The plough we bought at auction last fall has a new home.
Last but definitely not least - Miss Maggie trying her best to ignore Miss Molly.

All the best!♥︎

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