Sunday, February 25, 2024

Week 8 of 2024

This week I sewed a little jacket out of leftover French Terry from a project I had made years ago.
The pattern is from Lutterloh - a vintage reproduction #77 from supplement 320 Spring 2021. I modified it by making it out of a knit (when sewing a Lutterloh pattern designed for woven out of a knit we are told to go down a few sizes - I could have made mine smaller), I added length to the body and the sleeves, made the collar a bit smaller, the sleeves a bit narrower towards the wrists, placed the back on the fold to eliminate the seam, and added pockets in the side seams. I am really happy with how it turned out. The shawl collar was drafted so well and it went together so easily! 
I was inspired by one I saw online - I would never have thought to use this pattern before.
Today was a quilt group get together so progress is being made on my grab-and-go project (a Broken Dishes quilt).
Temperature blanket.

Photos from Around-

Miss Maggie surveying her land.
A painted sky one morning.
Miss Molly sitting on her "spot" waiting for a treat.
Sunrise with a full moon this morning. The snow is just about all melted on the surrounding fields.

All the best!♥︎

Sunday, February 18, 2024

Week 7 of 2024

I sewed another pair of pants this week.
 It is the second pair of black pants (both from stretch denim), but this pair is out of better fabric (the other pair has white lines over them). Still $1 a pound fabric. Lutterloh pattern.
Usually socks end up so worn out that I don't mend them, but this fairly new pair always had a bit of a thin spot on one heel (handspun yarn isn't perfect), so I mended a pair of socks for the first time this week (luckily my Mom had given me her darning mushroom and it worked great).
I recovered a couple cushions for a friend of my Mom's.
Some of the ladies at my quilt/crafty group had given me scraps of flannel, and I sewed more little blankets for a local hospital (the ends just need to be woven in).
We had a bit of cold snap this week for the temperature blanket.

Photos from Around-

The hydroponic tomatoes are really starting to come in.
Best friends watching for my son to come home.
Molly trying to share her ball with Maggie - I am sure she wonders why she doesn't play.
Molly has become really concerned about the cat recently - here she is watching Maggie intently.

All the best!♥︎

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Week 6 of 2024

This week I finished up a quilt -
This was a stash buster quilt that I cut almost a year ago, and was my grab-and-go project to sew at quilt group. Made from batik fabric, it is 90" square. The fabric was all cut with the GO! cutter using two sizes of drunkard's path dies, along with some 4" square. There was no planning to the piecing and I am really happy with how it turned out.
The batting is Hobb's Tuscany 80% cotton and 20% wool. Quilted on my domestic sewing machine in an all over meander (my favourite to sew - so I now piece quilts that suit that design), using Connecting Threads Essential Pro thread top and bobbin.
It is now on my son's bed.
While I was trying to hand stitch the binding Miss Maggie felt that it was her bed, so I made her a new quilt too.
A friend gave me some fabric with black cats on it, so I made a black and white to match Maggie.
The pattern is 'Nine Patch Nostalgia' from the book 'Fat Quarter Quilting' by Lori Smith. The quilt is 16"x20", with wool batting.
A new quilt for her little basket.
Another week on the temperature blanket. Today I have to add a special stripe for our 35th wedding anniversary.

Photos from Around-
Miss Molly - she hasn't been feeling well and is hopefully on the mend.
Miss Maggie, the big hunter, stalking partridges (spoiler alert - birds can fly, and all got away safely).
Sunrise this morning - last week most of the snow melted, but the past couple of days brought a bit more snow.

All the best!♥︎

Sunday, February 4, 2024

Week 5 of 2024

This week I finished knitting a cowl. I used just about every bit of handspun yarn (I did have to 'tink' back quite a bit to make the cowl narrower, because I was going to run out of yarn, but the size is still good). The little ball is all I had left.
After blocking I sewed up the back.
This is a polwarth wool that I dyed and spun.
Another week added to the temperature blanket. The kit came with a silk yarn for special days, and this past week was my Dad's 89th birthday, so I added that.

Photos from Around

The skating rink is melting now with all the warm temperatures (hockey sticks and bucket of pucks waiting for colder weather which is sure to come back).

This week we had some lovely visitors - a family of fluffy dogs!
Our pets weren't as excited as we were (Molly was inside barking like crazy).
A mom and her three puppies. After a few phone calls and introducing myself to some neighbours we found out that they had escaped from a neighbour.
We walked them home a mile away (they did all start to run back to our place half way there, but our son came to the rescue with some treats).

All the best!♥︎

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