Sunday, April 28, 2024

Week 17 of 2024

This week I finished spinning another skein of sock yarn (that will be my theme for the year).
The fibre was dyed neon pink and gold
I dyed some more fibre for socks. I was inspired by an article in the Summer 2018 issue of Spin Off magazine - Brewing Up a Batch of Custom Dyed Fiber by Anne Merrow. Basically to have small dots of colour in the white fibre.
For spinning I divided the fibre in to very thin pieces, to have short sections of colour. I am looking forward to seeing how this knits up.
Temperatures all over the place this week.

Photos from Around-
There was a Bald Eagle in the yard this week.
Still frosty temperatures some mornings.
A bit of rain and things are really starting to grow.
Little pine trees everywhere - the previous owners ploughed all around the shelter belt trees (most are now dead), and we have left things to naturalize, so it is nice to see so many trees coming in.
Miss Molly oblivious to the pair of Jack Rabbits on the right.
She was very excited when they took off - she could never get them, they are so fast.
The Jack Rabbits are about half white and half brown now.
Miss Maggie joined us on our walk.
We scared a pair of Mallards (flying over in the photo). We scared a pair of small ducks (we can't tell what type), and a pair of Partridges on the walk too - spring has really come!

All the best!♥︎

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Week 16 of 2024

This week I sewed a summer skirt (it isn't as bright as the photo, but still a berry pink, one of my favourite colours). The fabric, a stretch twill, was a remnant for $7.
The pattern is #134 from Lutterloh supplement #322.
Started a few new projects this week - this is a pair of toe-up socks from yarn I spun a few weeks ago.
And a new set of towels on the loom. This is probably the hardest thing I have ever woven, but the challenge is making weaving interesting. The pattern is Four Blocks on Four Shafts: Summer and Winter Towels from Handwoven magazine issue May/June 2013.
Spinning for the next pair of socks - more pink (this one is probably brighter in real life), I am trying to use dye colours I don't use too much.
A bit of a cold snap this week, but back to warm temperatures this weekend for the temperature blanket.

Photos from Around-

Summer garden plants are growing well inside.
We had snow this week, but it didn't stay long.
The last of the winter snow left is in the other pond
This poor little Sapsucker hit the window yesterday, but with a little nursing (and keeping the pets away), he flew off.

All the best!♥︎

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Week 15 of 2024

Mainly knitting this week, but I did press and trim more of the blocks that at sew at a monthly makers get together -

Now there are 54 Broken Dishes blocks (I need 218 total now because I decided to make a smaller quilt).
I finished spinning the fibre batt that I made from a local wool and our dog's fur.
79g of worsted weight tweed Chiengora yarn.
And knit a hat with it - a very quick knit. This one is for my son - Molly is his dog.
I am amazed how soft the yarn turned out, and the hat has a lovely halo.
I finished knitting a pair of handspun socks.
A warm week last week.

Photos from Around- 

The snow has just about all melted, and the pets are so happy rolling around on the dry grass.
We had a nice view of the solar eclipse this week (just partial for us, but at least the clouds were clear enough to see it).
Miss Maggie in a nest.
Miss Molly found a big stick (we had high winds that blew some dead trees over).
Just visible, but there are a few flocks of Tundra Swans in the photo.
We usually see more geese than swans, I don't know why it is different this year.
Both ponds have pairs of Mallards on them - hopefully they will stay (last summer was the first year Mallards nested on both ponds).

All the best!♥︎

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Week 14 of 2024

I worked on a few different projects this week -

I finished spinning a skein of sock yarn from some Merino/nylon that I had dyed recently.
An online spinning group that I belong to is having a challenge this month to spin a tweed yarn. I decided to drum card a bunch of salvaged fibre. This is all fluff that was (some maybe should have been) destined for the compost. Fur from Molly (collected over the years from brushing her after baths), wool from a local farmer (from meat sheep), scraps of handspun, and a tiny bit of winter white Jack Rabbit fur (found in the yard).
Molly was SO excited about the finished batt.
Machine quilted a quilt that is a gift, so can't say too much at the moment.
The temperatures really warmed up this week, so lots of new colours on the temperature blanket.

Photos from Around-

Maggie and Molly watching a Mourning Dove on the driveway earlier in the week. One of the first migrating bird we saw this year, now so many are back.
This morning we saw so many flocks of Tundra Swans heading north.
Molly looking back for Maggie on our morning walk earlier in the week (still lots of snow).
Here she comes.
Another morning walk - snow almost gone.
Miss Molly had a drugged-up trip to the vet for some vaccinations (those eyes!) - she did really well.
Today we had a surprise visitor - a Gray Squirrel under the bird feeder (we never have them here). The snow is almost all gone.

All the best!♥︎

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