Sunday, April 22, 2012

More Dear Jane

Today I made 5 more Dear Jane blocks, now there are 12.
There is a very helpful website - That Quilt - that has instructions for all the blocks (since the book has none).

This one was tricky and took me a few hours (for a 5" block!! Now I think my quilt is getting smaller by the day - maybe it will just be a table runner!), but at least I made it.

I paper pieced it - the above piece of paper is 3", it is the centre of the block.

The method I use, you don't sew on the paper, but fold all the lines before stitching,

and then stitch beside the fold. There is a good tutorial here.
I don't use freezer paper since I am just making little blocks. I use a bit of glue stick glue to set the first piece and work from there. Also since I am using cheap paper, just drawing the lines is enough to score the line for folding.

I said that the above block was tricky, but maybe I was having an off day -

this one stumped me too! The centre was supposed to be cream (it is now). I paper pieced it too.

There are so many beautiful variations of the quilt (google images), that I think I will start picking and choosing which blocks I will make, because I know I won't have enough cream to make them all.

I have made my Dear Jane blocks for this week (I am trying to make a few a week) and have cleaned my sewing room, ready for a different project (maybe another small quilt of the month).

I have been using scrappy tumblers as "leader and enders", and made quite a few rows this weekend - I think I almost have enough to sew into a quilt top (this will be a charity quilt).

I turned the little piece of punch needle embroidery I made the other day into a top for an old tin.

This is the tin after I spray painted it with some paint I had.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

Update - Here is another lovely Dear Jane blog - "Janiac's Unite" - thanks Heather.
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