Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Block #5

EQ7 calls this block "Old Maid's Puzzle", and it was pretty simple to make!
(If you are following along with EQ make sure that the block is a 9" finished size.)

For this one you will need -

Background (mine is beige) -
5 - 3+1/8" squares - 3 for the HST (half square triangles)
- 2 cut in half on the diagonal
4 - 2+3/4" squares

Print A (mine is dark red) -
1 - 5+3/8" square cut in half on the diagonal

Print B (mine is pink) -
2 - 3+1/8" squares for the HST

Print C (mine is blue) -
1 - 3+1/8" square for the HST

With the 3+1/8" whole squares, make the HST in the regular way (draw a diagonal line, sew ¼" on either side and cut in half), press the seams towards the background. Trim the HST to 2+3/4" (there will be 4 of print B and 2 of print C).

Tip - chain sew the HST down one side of the lines and then turn at the end and back down the other side of the lines.

With the four print B HST and the 2+3/4" squares make these two blocks. Trim them to 5"squares.

With the two print C HST and the four background triangles (half of the 3+1/8" squares) make these triangle sections. Join to the print A triangles. Trim these to 5" squares also.

The sections are all ready to be sewn together.

Trim the block to 9½" square.

I pressed the seams to one side on this one, and pressed the bulky centers open.

Two #5 blocks finished! I hope you enjoy making this one too!

Check out the other blocks on Flickr!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


Libby said...

I love that block!!!

Needled Mom said...

Pretty block. I can't wait to give it a go.

Deanna said...

I have finished blocks 1-4 and, look what a lovely prize awaits me: block 5. Enjoying myself so far. Will have 1-4 (possibly five if I decide to sew late tonight) posted tomorrow. Thanks for the fun.

Anonymous said...

Block 5!!!!!!!!! OK, I'm off to get started on this finally.


Joan said...

Oh my gosh! Better go get myself organised :) I like that one!

Colleen said...

Printing Block #5 as I type this comment, will make it tomorrow hopefully. My allergies have had me absolutely DOWN for a couple of days. So much to do and I need a boost to get me going again. Maybe tomorrow will be better.
The raffle quilt is back from the wonderful gentleman in our guild who offered to do the quilting. I will do the binding and it will be complete.

Linda said...

Great little blocks and tutorial! Perfect piecing!!

Scrappy quilter said...

Just finished two of these. Easy block and wonderful instructions. Off to make #6.

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