Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Block #8

I chose this block from EQ7 because I liked the name - it is called "Corn and Beans"! It is 9" finished.

You will need -

Background -
3 - 3+7/8" squares cut in half on the diagonal (for the corners and center)
10 - 2+3/8" squares, 4 cut in half on the diagonal, 4 for the fast flying geese (FFG)and 2 for the half square triangles (HST)

Print A (mine is red) -
1 - 3+7/8" square cut in half on the diagonal (for the center)
4 - 2+3/8" squares, 4 cut in half on the diagonal

Print B (mine is green) -
1 - 4¼" square (for the fast flying geese)
2 - 2+3/8" squares (for the half square triangles)

With the 4¼" print B square and the four 2+3/8" background squares make the four fast flying geese (FFG - described in older QA blocks or here).

They should be trimmed to 2" x 3½".

With the two 2+3/8" print B squares and two 2+3/8" background squares make the four half square triangles (HST - described in older QA blocks). Trim the four HST's to 2".

Make the center using four triangles (cut from the 3+7/8" squares - two print A and two background). I trimmed the corners before sewing the triangles together.
I pressed the center in the windmill technique.

Sew two print A triangles (made from the 4 - 2+3/8" squares) to the 4 FFG, paying attention to how they are sewn - see above picture. Press the seams to the triangles

Sew two background triangles (made from the four 2+3/8" squares cut in half on the diagonal) to the four HST. See above picture. Press the seams to the triangles.

Sew the units with the HST to the center.

I sew opposite sides and then press, before sewing other two side.

Sew on the units with the FFG next.

Lastly add the corner triangles (made from the 3+7/8" squares background fabric).

Trim the block to 9½".

For the second one I chose to replace one of the 3+7/8" background squares (cut in half on the diagonal) with a print C square.

I often search the Quilt Index for ideas for this Quilt Along and I found a nice quilt made with this block. This one replaces the FFG with HST's, and the corners triangles are alternating colours.
All kinds of possibilities to change the look of the block - have fun! This block is slightly different from than the others, but we had a simple block last week.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!


Linda said...

Joanne, that block is gorgeous! You did an amazing job with all those points and my new fave...flying geese! LOL! I love it. Great tutorial! You include the best details. Thanks!!

Wendy said...

Cute block. I love how your quilt is coming along!

Joy said...

My friend and I are drooling over this quilt of yours.... I think it will be on our Must Do list for 2011!!

Sew Pretty!!

Linda said...

Beautiful Block!

Joan said...

Wow Joanne - thats a challenge - lovely block!

Deanna said...

Ooooo....I LIKE this one. I have finished through block 7 and posted about them on my blog, weddingdressblue, today (Wednesday). Have a great holiday. If I can sneak it in, I know I want to work on this block.

Janet said...

Thanks for doing this quilt. I have just started it and realized it has been a while since I have done individual block piecing. Love it!

Needled Mom said...

I have to finish my second one of #7 and then move to to #8. These are great looking blocks.

Scrappy quilter said...

Just finished two of these blocks. Of all the blocks so far, this one has to be my favorite. On to #9

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