Saturday, October 16, 2010

Block #2

EQ7 calls this block "Contrary Wife"!
The EQ7 pattern calls for flying geese sections, but I changed it to hour-glass sections instead (after I made the flying geese and realized that the seams were too bulky and an hour glass would work better!!).

For the 9" block you will need (rotary cutting measurements) -

Background - 2 - 4½" squares
- 4 - 2+3/8" squares
- 4 - 2" squares

Print A - 2 - 4½" squares
- 4 - 2+3/8" squares

Print B - 4 - 2" squares

Print C - 1 - 3½" square

Make 8 half-square-triangles (HST) with the (4) - 2+3/8" squares of background and print A. By layering them right sides together (RST), marking a diagonal line and sewing ¼" on each side. Cut on the line and press towards the dark.

These HST will be joined with the 2"squares of background and print B to make 4 of these units.

Using the 4½" squares of background and print A make hour glass blocks.

Layer the squares RST, mark a diagonal line and sew ¼" on each side.

Cut on the line and press towards the dark.

Layer the new squares together (RST) and mark a diagonal line and sew ¼" on each side, make sure that the light and dark are opposite.

Makes 4 hour glass sections.

I ironed the center open. ****Square up the blocks to 3½".***

Press and square each section (should be 3½" each) before joining everything together.

Finished block -

I made another one at the same time -

Hope this all makes sense! Email me if you need help.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!


Joan said...

oh my gosh Joanne - hope you are busy doing something else for a day or so to give me chance to get this one done in time. I am off to bed now....

Colleen said...

I just read the Quilt Along information, count me "IN"

Karen said...

I've almost got the first blocks done. Loving this next one too!

Glenna @ Hollyhock Quilts said...

I've always loved that block! My DH would say it suits me well!

Kristie said...

I ran on to your blog last night and just fell in love with your Quilt Along! I love working with 1800's fabrics. The last quilt that I made was out of these fabrics so they were still close by. I had a little fall a few months ago and fractured both legs so I have been down for a while now, but when I saw your first blocks, I told hubby that I was ready to sew again! So we set my machine up at the kitchen table put a bed pillow in the chair and made the first two blocks! Hopefully tonight I will be able to work on these blocks. Thanks so much

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! How many blocks share that name? It looks nothing like the one I make. Interesting.

Renate Bischoff said...

What a wonderful block! I hope I can start next week with my blocks!

Scrappy quilter said...

Just finished this block. On to number 3.

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