Monday, February 21, 2011

Quilting Weekend

It has been a wonderful long weekend (today is Louis Riel Day in Manitoba). I have been working on machine quilting the pinwheel quilt.

Just the borders left to quilt. The quilting is slow-going because when I sew at a normal faster speed the bobbin case slips out of place -

and the thread gets caught. See the little knife on the left side of the picture - my finger has so many little cuts in it! You would think I would learn!!
The black bobbin case should look like this -

I'll schedule a check-up for it after I have finished all the quilt along blocks.

We have also been having lots of fun outside too.

I have never seen so much snow here.

The snow drifts are so high that we look down on trees and

hop over a 6 foot fence!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!


Linda said...

Quilting is beautiful, Joanne! I hate it when it's slow going like that. Hopefully, They'll be able to fix it soon. I had the worst trouble once when I was quilting a table topper. Drove me crazy but the quilting was terrific! :-)

Mrs A said...

oh wow Joanne that quilting is awesome! I am trying to be a bit more structured but i seem to wobble off in all directions!
The BSR on my machine is a bit erratic too, so i will have to get that checked too, and that is some snow! i bet 6 foot fences were never that easy to hop over before!

Jocelyn said...

Your quilting is absolutely beautiful! Hope you can get your bobbin problem worked out.

Needled Mom said...

Your quilting is beautiful, but it must be frustrating to have bobbin issues.

That snow is amazing!

Joan said...

Quilting is great Joanne - hope you bobbin gets sorted and your hands dont get cut any more. All that snow - wish we had some here.

Deb said...

wow!! gorgeous quilting all on your domestic??
I love all that sparkling white snow it just looks so clean and fresh we barely have any!!

JayTee said...

your quilting is beautiful!!! love the feathers

Karen said...

Great job on the feathers, and your patience with that machine is admirable. I had a Husqvarna that drove me NUTS, and am so happy to now have a Bernina which I love. Imagine what you could accomplish at full speed!! :)

SubeeSews said...

I really enjoy your blog. The quilt setup is awesome (w/the countertop)!
I love your fabric choices. You could have been shopping my stash!

Anonymous said...

Your pinwheel quilt is gorgeous! I also love the winter photos. The shadows on the snow, the sunsets, the perspective of (your DH?) walking through that vast snowscape - it really captures Winnipeg in the winter. Love it!


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