Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This and That

I started machine appliqueing this month's "Hop to It" block -

I am using fabric from my stash for this BOM.

It should end up looking similar! No where near as nice!!

I also pieced some leftover tumblers to make a mug rug. I just have to quilt it. They are 3" tumblers cut with the Baby GO!

My youngest finished this wood piece at school yesterday (it is about 20" tall). He was very pleased and would now like a scroll saw.

Mary (Needled Mom) has received her sur"prize" for winning the Thread Head Quilt Along Challenge so I can let you know what she won - an assortment of my favorite quilting items. The Fat-Quarter Quilting is my favorite quilting book and I think I could make every single quilt in it - if you click on the photo of the book from the link you will be able to view all the quilts in the book, they are all 16"x20". The Apple Cores (enough for a table topper) are cut using my favorite GO! cutter and die, using my favorite reproduction fabric (plus a fat quarter for the bias binding). Along with some of my other favorites - Aurifil thread, Mirotex needles and an Ultra Fine Sharpie marker.

They all arrived quite quickly considering Canada Post is on strike. I had taken the parcel (a large envelope really) to a courier company at first because I was worried about the effects of the strike, and I was quoted $116 to ship it! I had to get him to repeat that because I thought I had misheard! It ending up costing me $22 and arrived in 3 business days - much better!

Did you know that if you hold the "control" (Ctrl) button while you click a link on a blog it will open up a new window. Wendy (Inky Threads) told me this recently and it has been very useful - thanks Wendy!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Oooooo! Pretty block! Can't wait to see more!
xx, shell

Mrs A said...

Your BOM will be lovely, and the piece your youngest did is fantastic, i love it, ask him, i would like one for my wall, maybe it would pay for the saw?
I should check out the baby go, it seems they are popular. Thanks for the tip with the control button, my daughter thinks im so slow with the computer, i keep telling her i need lessons!

Amanda Dickson said...

Thanks for the ctrl button tip...should come in handy!

Yankee Valley Stitcher said...

I think I will start on my BOM tonight. I have most of my fabrics picked and Im good to go!! Thanks for the inspiration :)

Desley said...

Thanks for the holding down the control button tip!

Deb said...

great gifts I am with you on the fat quarter book every pattern is awesome. I love how you also made a nice `kit`so personalized.
your HTI blocks are looking great as well, I am sure your stash will have the right ingredients.

Joan said...

Lovely gifts Joanne - a scroll saw - not sure what one is, but it looks like he deserves one :)

Linda said...

Thanks for the Ctrl key tip! I love the colors of the tumbler block!

Myra said...

Your son's woodwork is wonderful Joanne! Good for him!! 8-)

What a wonderful sur"prize" gift you've given out! Lucky Mary!!

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