Thursday, June 9, 2011

Still Quilting

I finished free motion quilting the Quilts of Valour quilt.

It still needs to have some quilting in the ditch done, but I asked my Mom to do that.

I used the Hera marker to mark the circles for the wreaths (using a Tupperware lid works well because it has a nice firm edge to guide the marker, and they come in so many sizes).

This was such a hard quilt to machine quilt, so I didn't end up doing the designs that I originally wanted to. The problem was with the spray baste, it kept gumming up the needle causing skipped stitches and the thread to break. I managed to quilt 12" wreaths in the flag blocks, but it took me all day to do the 12 blocks. I had to keep cleaning the needle every couple of loops. I only ended up doing some walking foot quilting in the other areas.
I never use spray baste (I don't like chemicals), and I don't think I will ever quilt another quilt that has been spray basted, I love machine quilting but this was too frustrating.

I finally got around to washing the Harvest Diamond quilt. It is the one that I tried the wool batting from Marshall (a discount fabric store in Winnipeg) for the first time.

I was surprised that it bearded. Plus the quilt doesn't have much body now. I think I will stick to my favorite Hobbs Tuscany wool batting (I'll try the Tuscany silk in future though).

I am also still hand quilting the Bear's Paw quilt (as part of Myra's PhD Challenge). I only have the borders and some bear designs to add to the large triangles. One side is complete!!! I might be close to finishing it by the end of the month (that's the goal).

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


Desley said...

Have you tried any of the Matilda's Own battings? They are Australian made, so you may not be able to get it easily. I love their 60% wool 40% poly batting. Quilts up beautifully and washes and wears really well.

Miki Willa said...

I really like your Quilt of Valor. The pattern is quite wonderful.

DebbieM said...

I absolutely love your Harvest Diamond Quilt, so lovely and the colors are beautiful. These are the colors in my home, I love the rustic colors.

Needled Mom said...

I was wondering about that spray baste. I had read about it and wondered if it would gum up the needle.

The Harvest quilt is gorgeous. Nice job and wonderful colors.

Jan said...

Very interesting info about the fusible batting. I've only used it to machine quilt a tablerunner. Good to know about it's pitfalls. Thanks!

Cathy said...

I love your quilts. Sorry about the wool batting. It's make me mad when you work so hard on something and that happens. Hugs

ileanak said...

Lapptecken i blå är underbart,du har kombinerat färg och form på en utmärkt sätt! Jag kan inte Lappteknik så väll jag är bara intresserad av den men har stor respekt för de som kan detta eftersom är så mycket arbete tills den blir färdigt.hälsningar Ileana!

Deanna said...

That is a lot of quilting frustration in one space! But, the harvest diamond quilting is stunning--simply beautiful.

Joan said...

You have been busy - I love trying to keep up with what you are doing :) You have done well! I have only used spray basting once - and would never myself do it again. YOu are so lucky to have your Mom.

Kay Lynne said...

Your quilts are just beautiful. You didn't mention what basting spray you used. There are brands out there that gum up the needle and the bobbin case to. I use basting spray, but very sparingly. Safety pins are a great way to baste without the chemicals!

Myra said...

Your quilts here are looking mighty fine Joanne! Love your QoV! Great fabrics in your HDQ... Love it!

Sorry to hear you had trouble with the spray baste. I've never had that problem. As a matter of fact, I am quilting a quilt right now that was spray basted... We'll have to chat about that at some point I think...?

Good luck finishing up your BPQ for the challenge Joanne! 8-)