Sunday, April 3, 2011

Still Quilting

I finished quilting all the center blocks (40) of the THQA quilt.

I also finished quilting the three outer borders.

I decided to use the walking foot to quilt the scrappy squares, the design mimics the "X" created in the black squares.

The only marking that I did on the quilt was the circles for the feathered wreaths (in some of the centers of the blocks). My favorite marking pen is this white Clover pen. It shows up on all kinds of colours. When you first use it, it takes a few seconds for the line to show up, but under the light of the sewing machine it is very visible. I traced around all kinds of circular objects for the different size wreaths. The line comes out with the heat of an iron.

I just have the first border (the one that completes the diamonds) to quilt.

There will be 20 of these half wreaths.

I tried a Hera marker for the first time. It just sort of flattens the fabric, leaving an indentation - no marks to remove after.

It has been snowing almost all day, but the sun finally made an appearance.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!


Lynn said...

Your quilt and quilting is absolutely gorgeous!

Karen said...


Simply beautiful ! WOW.

Thanks for sharing.


GerryART said...

Our temp hit a ridiculous 93 degrees F this afternoon.
Forecast calls for 34 degrees by early morning tomorrow.

I love your quilting. Loads of patience on your part.


Scrappy quilter said...

Beautifully quilted!! It snowed here until about 3 this afternoon. It's mostly melted now though so hopefully the roads will be better by tomorrow. I'm getting just a tad bit tired of this winter. Hugs

Myra said...

Looking very awesome there Joanne! To envy even!!! lol! 8-)
We had mostly rain today, with a bit of snow. Nothing to speak of though...

Meredith said...

thanks for sharing what you like to use for marking. I really like your quilting it looks great

Manoli C. said...

I lovely your circles for the feathered wreaths...
Your quilting is genial!!!

Linda said...

Awesome! Your quilting is beautiful!

Cheryl said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous quilting! I will have to try the clover marker. I have heard good things about it.

Joan said...

Joanne - that is absolutely wonderful I do love your quilting. We still have warm and dry weather here - with our water levels critical....hopefully some rain on Thursday - but not enough to make a difference.
What a special quilt you are doing.. Just love it!!

Linda said...

Stunning!! I love all the feathers!! I can't believe how quickly you've quilted it!! Amazing! I love that marking pen too, took me a while to appreciate how well it works.

Jen said...

So beautiful! You're really making quick progress on this. This is such an amazing quilt. Thanks for sharing your progress with us!