Monday, October 4, 2010

Don't Give Up on Free Motion Quilting

I hear lots of people saying that free motion quilting on their home sewing machines is too hard, but perseverance pays off!

This is a quilt that I made last October (2009) -

Here is a close up of one of the feathered wreaths in the plain squares -

Pretty bad! But I have learned a lot since then, with lots of practice, reading and experimenting.
This is a close up of a feathered wreath I quilted last month on the Diamonds at Large quilt -

So don't give up!! You get better all the time!!
The above scrap quilt is a great reminder for me of how far I have come in machine quilting. Still learning, always!

Karen from For the Love of Needle and Thread has a great post showing how she is doing at free motion quilting.

Janet from Quilsalott shares some great free motion quilting - the idea is from Jenny Bowker.

Blogs are a great resource for learning, here are some that inspire me -

Diane Gaudynski
Feather on a Wire
Joan at Leschenault
There are lots of other great ones out there too!

Here is what I have been working on - quilting my Mother's quilt (all finished) -

Loops and butterflies for the main part

and leaves for the border.

I did a post on this type of quilting in April - here is the link for my favorite easy free motion quilting designs.

When my youngest son was little it took him a couple of years of fishing before he ever caught a fish - he called himself a "casterman" instead of a fisherman, he didn't get discouraged, he enjoyed casting, he just wasn't a "fisherman" until he caught a fish.

Here he is a couple of years ago with his first fish - now he is a fisherman. He says the same thing about quilting - if you don't actually quilt your quilt, are you a quilter?

Over at My Red (Yellow) Farmhouse she is calling October - Blog-tober and blogging everyday for the month. I thought I would give it a try too. So I think I will be blogging about all kinds of things this month - I think sewing everyday might be easier than blogging everyday! I'll see!!

Sue over at Alderwood Quilts has a Go! Cutter to give away!!!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!


Anonymous said...

I can back you up 110% on that practice part. I have watched you turn into one terrific machine quilter Joanne.

For me the reason it seems hard is because I have sewn and quilted for so many years. And in my head it should be a piece of cake. But just like sewing for the first time it takes time to improve ones skill.


Ruth said...

Thanks for the free motion quilting encouragement! I will check out the blogs you mentioned. I have learned a lot from Elaine at She has given me a lot of ideas and encouragement as well.

Karen said...

Thank you so much for mentioning my blog and dropping by to give me encouragement on my FMQ. You are certainly an inspiration to me!♥ I'm learning so much from you. I'll be sure to check out your other links too.

Quilt Rat said...

I could not agree have to practice, practice and then practice some more...... you will be rewarded with stitches that become more even, your curves will be gentle and graceful. It is such a wonderful feeling to be able to quilt your own pieces. I LOVE to FMQ and I use my DSM as well.

Your Feathers are GORGEOUS!!! great job!

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