Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quilt Whisperer Course

I started a Quilt Whisperer course this week offered by Carla Barrett. The course is in deciding what to quilt on a quilt. All kinds of things have been covered in the first lesson. One thing she mentioned was using 2 layers of batting (she suggests an extra layer of polyester batting) when machine quilting, so I thought I would give it a try.

I had a couple of trial log cabin blocks (11") and made a potholder with one of them. I used two layers of batting (I used batting with the foil and a layer of polyester - not something I have ever machine quilted with). I also tried a different style (for me) of feathers - needs more practice. I am hoping with the course that I will learn to step out of my comfort zone!

If you want some inspiration for quilting, visit Carla's quilting gallery. She is a long arm quilter - a stand up quilter (I am a sit down quilter - I learned that in the course!!).

I took a break from the quilt along, but I found some great pictures on blogs today for ideas!

This one is from Sew Karen-ly Created (a wonderful blog!), the quilt uses similar Alabama Variation blocks that I have chosen for the quilt along quilt, but the blocks are set on point.

This one is from Quilts in the Barn. When I was deciding on the design of the quilt along quilt I had a few ideas in mind, and one with Flying Geese sashing was one of my favorites. This design could be made with Fast Flying Geese with a finished size of 1½" x 3" (using a large 4+3/4" square and 4 little 2+3/8" squares).

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!


Paula said...

I love the log cabin pot holder. Well, I am kind of a log cabin nut anyway. Your quilting looks good. I am wondering what kind of batting did you use? I have been using warm and natural. Can I double that brand also? I love how the quilting with that batting poffed it up.
I am a new quilter so I have questions....sometimes to many!
Thanks Paula

Kirsten said...

I love your quilting. I cannot believe anyone can quilt like that on a maschine??? I have a hard time with straight lines already. Well looks like I need a lot more practice. Love you quiltalong too, maybe I get around to join. We'll see.

Joan said...

The Quilting looks fantastic Joanne. I love the pot holder. I am pleased you chose the one we are doing for the quilt Along. I have been drawing today.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the tip on the Quilt Whisperer. I will watch for her next course to start. Do you find you can do the same things as a sit down quilter as she can do standing up? Your quilting looks great! I had a quilt quilted with double batt and WOW, the quilting really stands out. Heavy though.

Deanna said...

ooooo...ahhhhh...what lovely work, both on your pot holder and on the other quilts. It makes me just about desperate to get started on your quilt along. BUT, I must show self control. Must finish SOMETHING first.

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