Sunday, July 11, 2010

Nature Pictures

We have been going for bicycle rides on the dirt roads near our house, so I thought I would show some Canadian Prairie pictures.

Our house is somewhere in those trees. The big building is the local school.

I have been working on Romanian Point lace flowers. Six more finished , 16 more to go. These will be part of a big piece of lace.
Also almost finished knitting a pair of socks, just the toes to go.

Have a great day and thanks for dropping in!!


Cyndi said...

That prairie is beautiful! Is that some type of grain growing (looks like wheat), or just a type of grass? It's lovely.

And your Romanian Point lace flowers are amazing. You really are very talented, Joanne!



Sandra Henderson said...

Joanne!~How do you make those tiny lace flowers?!?! I can't even being to imagine. Oh how I admire your work.
What memories these photos evoke! I can hear the wind and feel the sun. Gorgeous photos! What vastness, sky and beauty. thank you...

Dee said...

Very pretty scenery. And oh my word, you're lace looks beautiful but so complicated.

Karen said...

Hi, Joanne: Your lace is beautiful - I've never heard of Romanian Point lace before. Look forward to seeing it finished!

Quilting Queen said...

Have lived in the prairies as a child and loved the gently rolling hills as compared to bigger hills we have here in NB. Our country is so beautiful in all its diversity. Thanks for sharing....FYI that lace is gorgeous.

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures of the Canadian prairie! And, I love those lace flowers - SO very pretty!