Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sew, Mama, Sew Contest

Sew, Mama, Sew has asked people to answer a few questions about their thread collections. Since I come by my blog name honestly (my oldest child named it), I have quite a thread collection! They are giving away a couple of beautiful new Amy Butler and Kaffe Fasset thread collections. You can never have too much thread!

Here goes!

How did you select colors for your personal thread collection?
Mostly I just buy thread that I like and colours that catch my eye.
Do you always match the color perfectly to your project?
Very rarely. Usually I find that colours on a quilt blend well. I use lots of variegated thread too.
Do you ever use contrasting thread?
Yes, when I want something to pop out.
Do you use the same color in the bobbin as the upper thread?
Probably 80% of the time. When I am piecing I try to, but when I am quilting I find that it doesn't always matter. If the tension is correct I don't usually have a problem.
What if a fabric has big areas of very different colors?
I think that the thread used for quilting is supposed to enhance the finished project and so different colours don't bother me. If I don't want the thread to be so noticeable I use a very fine thread (100WT).
Do you have any tips or suggestions about choosing thread?
Try many different threads to see what you and your machine like. I also try out different sewing needles (different types and sizes). For hand sewing there is a lot more freedom to experiment with many types of thread.
Can you show us a picture(s) of your thread collection?
Probably too many! Hello, my name is Joanne and I am a thread addict...! (pictures at the end)
Do you ever buy thread because you fall in love with the color (without a particular project in mind)?
Is there any other way to buy thread?
Do you “invest” in thread?
I have recently started to buy more expensive threads (silks, fine cottons, ...) and am amazed at the different results.
What types of thread do you have? (elastic, quilting, all-purpose, wool, etc.)
So many! Mainly different weights of cotton for machine sewing and hand sewing. I also have silks (again for hand and machine sewing). I have started using a very fine (100wt) polyester thread for machine quilting - it has the same look as fine silk thread, just much cheaper. My machine doesn't seem to mind that polyester thread. Usually it has troubles with polyester thread.
I also have lots of hand embroidery (and tatting) thread. I have been embroidering for about 30 years, so have threads have accumulated (multiplied?)!

Now for some pictures!

My main stash of quilting thread. Mainly Aurifil, YLI silk, Invisafil and Sulky Blendables

Regular sewing thread. Mainly Gutermann.

I have this little table that a friend and I made out of an old cash register's drawers (dated 1914, from a store on Portage Ave, Winnipeg). They were in the garage of our second house. We added legs, table top, back and replaced a drawer front. It is fantastic for storing embroidery threads (and one drawer for beads - Crazy Quilting is still one of my favorites!).

Here are the drawers -

Beads, button and charms.

Silk buttonhole twist, Watercolors, Brazilian embroidery thread, silk ribbon, Krienik...

Mainly pearl cotton.

I am embarrassed to say that there is more! Mostly different embroidery threads - I used to do much more embroidery, now quilting seems to have taken over! Embroidery is still my favorite thing to do while sitting in front of the TV, or when I need a project to take-along.


Linda said...

Wow!! What a collection you have. Very nice.

Wendy said...

Holy cow, woman! That's a lot of thread! I probably wouldn't have that much if I collected for a lifetime! Of course, I HAVE been eyeing the July door crasher.

Another thing we have in common: I have antique glasses cases that were in an optometrists office. Put legs on them and now they hold my scraps. I'll put pics up in a day or two.

Anonymous said...

I was laughing while looking at your photos. We all collect something. Mr. Wonderful collects movies!!!!!!!!! I try to keep him out of WalMart for that very reason, he can't stay away from the $5 bin;-)

Maybe someday I will get brave and show my fabric stash. What is scary is a lot went to charity. I think thread and fabric magically multiply overnight...yeah, that's it!!!

Hope you win!! It is nice thread!


Sandra Henderson said...

Oh my goodness!!! I LOVE your cabinet! What a great collection you have, thank you for sharing. :)

Cyndi said...

Joanne, I agree with Sandra....that cabinet is fabulous, as is your collection of thread! I'm rooting for you to win!



P.S. I have a big box of thread I inherited from my great's all on wooden spools and most of them are full! I wouldn't dare try to use it because it's so old, so I just display it in my sewing room!

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