Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pinwheel Quilt

I pinned my pinwheel quilt together.

I used flannel for the backing and the batting is wool. It will be a large lap quilt.

I decided to do a large version of Mctavishing in the background and feathers for the pinwheels and a curved line for the triangles.
I was worried about all the quilting taking out the loft of the wool batting, but I think it will be fine. I enjoyed quilting my mother's quilt so much that I thought I should try a variation on mine.

I am using Invisafil thread for the quilting.

Last week I bought a new free motion foot to replace the one that broke. I was told that it was my fault that it broke, so they wouldn't replace it but gave me a discount on the new one. I thought I would take a video of the new foot as it does the same as the old one. The original free motion foot broke because the wire that is supposed to sit on top of the needle screw would get caught underneath the screw when I turned my machine on and the needle did the little dance (re-calibrated itself).
The wire finally broke when it got caught in the needle screw slot - I was also told that it was my fault for having the needle screw slot horizontally - there is no other way it can be when I tighten the needle in!! Not my fault!!

I have a Husqvarna 870 Quilt, and I am using the Husqvarna free motion spring action foot that goes with my machine. If it breaks again, I wanted documentation!! Thanks for putting up with the rant!!

Have a great day and thanks for dropping by!!


Quilting_Chris said...

Hi, I am not home to check for sure, but the picture on the Viking web site shows that little wire on top of the needle screw, not under it the way you have it installed. Also, did you set the machine for the spring action free motion foot in the menu?

Good luck

Sandra Henderson said...

Very lovely quilt! I want to order some wool batting on my next order of supplies. I've not hand quilted with it and have heard great things!
This is going to be beautiful! You are amazing with your FMQ~

Wendy said...

Lovely quilting! Very nice colors, too. It looks like it'll be comfy.

I don't know anything about your machine, but mine doesn't do that. And I'd say it's definitely the reason your old foot broke. I know that Chris (above) wasn't able to see that you actually DID start with the wire on top of the needle screw, but the rest makes sense. It's something to investigate. Good Luck!

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