Sunday, June 6, 2010

More Free Motion Quilting

I am still free motion quilting my pinwheel quilt.

I really like how this block turned out. I am very pleased with the feathers in the pinwheels,

but I still don't know how I feel about the large "McTavishing" in the background. I think it looks too "sausage" like. I am hoping that by the end it will work out.
The little pinwheel just have a stitched in the ditch X in them.
I hope to finish this quilt in the next three days - I am home for a change, and I need to get my dining room table out of my kitchen (my large quilting project set-up). Four blocks quilted and 16 more to go!

I have been meaning to mention a wonderful fellow Manitoban's blog - Tactile Pleasures....In Fabric. Myra had a wonderful Show and Tell post showing some great free motion quilting by Melissa Marginet. Who, coincidentally, I met when I volunteered at the MCC Quilt Show. I recognized her bag from her website!!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!


SewCalGal said...

Love it!


Sandra Henderson said...

Well, I think this is so beautiful!

Joan said...

Joanne, the quilting is looking fantastic...You are doing a great job. I especially love the pin wheels. I will check out those sites too...just having a short break between my machine quilting and my hand stitching...while sitting with Andrea while she does her homework :)

Deanna said...

*jealous* I wish my pinwheel quilt were quilted. Yours looks great! It is becoming even more beautiful.

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