Friday, June 25, 2010

Beautiful Weather!

We have been having such beautiful weather, that I have been busy with other things than sitting at the computer!
I did have some time for sewing this week - sewed of few rows of the hexagons together.

I also finished a piece of tatting -

It is from a pattern by Nancy. I used Cebelia #10 by DMC, in colour # 3033. It is 12½" in diameter. I must admit that tatting is one of my favorite things to do while I am watching TV or on car trips, but I never know what to do with them when I am finished! I have a drawer full!

I also did some painting for my youngest child's school. Hopefully I will be able to post a picture next week of the completed project.

Of course I have had time to work outside!

The garden is growing beautifully! We have been eating garden fresh salads - my favorite!

Lots of pink flowers - another favorite!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!


Sandra Henderson said...

I've enjoyed catching up on your blog today! That log cabin quilt is so wonderful! Your garden is amazing! Goodness gracious, you are talented! I know nothing of tatting, but your pieces are so gorgeous!
Come on over and enter to win my giveaway!!! XO

Cyndi said...

Joanne, the garden is really looking great! We already have zucchini and green beans and will be picking them tomorrow! I just love fresh veggies, especially when I grow them myself!

Oh my goodness, I used to tat when I was a young girl. My grandmother's neighbor was a wonderful Cajun lady named Ada Bonaventure - she was a wonderful tatter! She taught me when I was in junior high and I did quite a bit of tatting through out the summers of jr. high and high school, but am afraid that I haven't kept up with it and now don't remember how. But I do still have my shuttles! Maybe one of these days I'll pick it up again!



Karen said...

That doily is amazing! Great job! I've taught myself needle tatting but haven't figured out the shuttle yet; maybe someday. I like to make bookmarks and give them as gifts.
Thanks for reminding me about Nancy's site; i used to get emails from her. I'll have to sign up again as i enjoyed them.

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