Friday, January 31, 2020

January Round-Up and a Start

January was a productive month for me. I think the main reason was because to celebrate 10 years of blogging I decided to blog every day for the month - I needed things to write about! Some days it was just about tiling bathrooms, but at least those are finished now too.

I finished four projects in January - a woven table runner (with handspun yarn as part of the weft), a quilted wallhanging, a quilted table runner, and a quilt for a single bed.
I completed four projects as part of OPAM (Thanks Kris!), and two of the projects were part of my WOOFA Challenge (thanks Cheryll!). I realized I am motivated by challenges!

Now for the start-

I finished sewing the Pineapple Quilt blocks together, and pinned it ready for machine quilting.

I auditioned some thread, and decided on the red. Both are Essential Pro thread that I had such good luck with on the last quilt.

I started quilting an overall meander.

All the best!


QuiltGram said...

Oh Joanne, such a gorgeous quilt and now at the quilting stage. I’m always so excited when I hit this point as I know that I’m soooo close to finishing my quilt. What a beautiful heirloom you will have to grace your bed. And this one happens to be in my favorite colors and fabrics.

Raewyn said...

Well done Joanne on your month's achievements - not least the blogging every day! (That's no mean feat - ask me how I know!) The red pineapple quilt is gorgeous - happy quilting!!

Ann at Prairie Primrose said...

Your pineapple is splendid! I look forward to seeing it done. Congratulations on 10 years!

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