Saturday, January 18, 2020

Thimbles Table Runner

The Thimbles table runner is all finished!

This is the first of my WOOFA challenge projects to be finished. It was my leader/ender project (a little piece of fabric to stitch when piecing other projects, so I don't have to cut the thread) for the past 6 years. There are 915 thimbles! But who's counting! There are 15 rows of 61 thimbles per row. It is 19"x56".

I use a little template to cut the thimbles. The finished pieces are just over an inch high and about the same on the bottom. I will keep making these because I think it is the best way for me to use little bits of fabric, and they are the perfect size for a leader/ender.

Over the years I have made a few different table mats with these thimbles, and I have learned that it is best to have an odd number in the row and to press the seams in one direction. This way the rows can go any way. I have also learned not to bother rearranging the rows because there will always be similar fabric near each other. This time I only found two spots where the same fabric thimbles stack on each other. When sewing rows I pinned the first row, then realized it was a waste of time (60 pins!), after I just locked the seams together while sewing and it worked fine.

this was my Grandmother's thimble
I used one layer of Hobbs Heirloom Natural cotton batting to make a flat runner. I used Aurifil 50wt thread for the free motion quilting, and quilted an overall meander, because it is my favourite to quilt.

I made this for the top of an entertainment unit. It is really so the dust doesn't show as much!

 Photos from around -

Stormy day.
 Maggie watching the snow fall off the window.
With all the fresh snow we tried out our new snow shoes.
They are much better than the old fashioned ones I have.

All the best!♥︎
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