Tuesday, February 4, 2020

A Couple of Finishes

The Pineapple quilt is all finished! Washed, to soften it, and on our bed.

The quilt started out like this in 2016-

It is cut with a template from Marti Michell. This is the one for 1" finished strips.

I cut out all the blocks, and just pieced them over time. This is probably my favourite way to make a quilt.

The blocks are 14". They were really nice to sew, and went together so well.

There are 49 blocks, set on a 7x7 layout.

I quilted an all over meander (because that is one of my favourite designs to quilt). I love how crinkly it comes out after washing. I used silk batting. The top was cut from mainly from fat quarters, and the backing is plain cotton. I used Essential Pro thread for the free motion quilting, and quilted it on my domestic sewing machine. 
It is about 94" square after quilting and washing (I needed it to shrink a bit because it is a bit big for our bed). 

Maggie was a big help testing it out before I stitched down the binding,
and even while I stitched.

My other finish this week is a hat that has been my car knitting for the past little while.

The pattern is the Therese Hat by Nina Machlin Dayton. It looks better on than lying on the floor, but it is a very different hat style.

It is made from some handspun yarn from a local fleece. The particular fleece was different from the other fleeces I was given. It had very short fibres and was so full of vegetable matter that I only ended up with a small amount of fibre to spin, but it is incredibly soft (also very different from the other fleeces).

In the summer I dyed the yarn with Indigo (the above photo is a more accurate colour).

 I am really happy with the texture, and colour of the hat.

 The next photo is from the trail cam-

One coyote, but another one was close behind (caught on another photo) - walking down the road. The pair were caught on camera a few hours later walking the other way.

All the best!♥︎


Kaisievic said...

Oh, your quilt is quite stunning!

QuiltGram said...

Congratulations on this beautiful finish. First I greatly admire your tenacity for finishing this wonderful quilt. I’m sitting here right now trying to determine which logs to use for an upcoming Log Cabin quilt. It’s for my husband and he wants it in traditional fabrics. Since I’ve been quilting for decades I have a rich supply. I have chosen to use Marti Michell’s Log Cabin templates. Now, by following this quilt for a bit here, this outcome has prompted me to go with the 1.5” finished size instead of a 1.75” finished.

This quilt, seeing it in it’s new ‘home’, is breathtaking with the gold bed. And in the closeup of the one block I could that see you used gold fabrics along with tans in each block......perfectly and strategically placed. Bet you stop at the doorway each time you enter; to drink in the sheer beauty of this quilt.

Terri said...

GORGEOUS quilt! Congrats on the finish!

Raewyn said...

I Love your Pineapple quilt, a nice mix of reds. Well done on the finish!!!! (Nic to see Maggie is a proper cat - one who takes over quilts!) And the hat looks pretty cute too. Hmm, not so cute, the Coyotes, so interesting - I'm guessing they are more nocturnal - I wonder where their den is??!!

PaintedThread said...

Wow - that was some serious stacks of fabric! It's kitty approved! I love the blue of that hat. Very pretty.

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