Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring is Arriving

No time for sewing today, big plans for tomorrow!

I have noticed signs of spring.

Snow is almost all gone.

Green grass starting to grow.

Tulips are coming up.

Robins are back.

Flock of robins passing through.

The yard is also hopping with juncos, and killdeer are running around.
It is amazing the difference a week makes!

Have a great day!!


Cyndi said...

Joanne, it's the same here, except that it was 82 degrees today. Gee, that's almost summer! I actually saw a hummingbird today!!

Have a Happy and Blessed Easter.



Barb said...

I can't imagine still having snow on the ground. We were at the beach yesterday.

julietk said...

Thank you for entering my Hop giveaway I am sorry you didn't win this time but please come and visit for my next one :-) Juliet

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