Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Made this stained glass a few years ago, the pattern is here.

I hope that every one had a wonderful Easter. I was lucky enough to have some family over. Now my kitchen is all clean and I still have time to blog and blog surf!

Today I also had time to finish machine quilting this stool cover.
I forgot to mention on yesterday's post that most of the machine quilting is not marked.
This has always been one issue with machine quilting that has scared me, and stopped me from trying fancier machine quilting. I don't like to follow lines and I don't want to waste time marking - I want to be quilting!! Being able to free form feathers (among other designs) is amazing to me. There seems to be no right or wrong!! Very liberating!!
The only area that I marked is the Diane-shiko section at the bottom, just as a guide.

A close up of the bird. Tomorrow I will finish up the stool cover.

I recently read on some one's blog that for the month of April, they were going to try and sew every day. I thought this was a great idea. I already messed up, as I did no sewing on April first, but maybe I can keep up for the rest of the month?! Worth a try.

Have a great day!!


Kat said...

The bird was hard to see on the other post but it looks great here. I love it! So cute and simple. Very nice overall, I like all the techniques you combined. The bird is definitely my favorite part.

Wendy said...

Quite lovely! You did grand! I'm trying to do a traditional amish type pattern on that LibAmish wall hanging I did. The center of it is a feather wreath but maybe I can do more in the border. I want to try the Diane-shiko on it too.

I'll sew every day with you.

LiahonaGirl said...

Joanne: Your machine quilting is amazing! I'm still such a novice -- gradually getting better at stippling. Thanks for the great tips and inspiration!

joan said...

Oh OMG Joanne that is beautiful.. I am threading very carefully when it comes to machine quilting..You make it look so easy! Absolutely gorgeous!

Gloria said...

Love the stained glass bunny!

Gorgeous quilting on your stool cover!

What a good idea, to do abit of sewing every day!

SheilaC said...

Your quilting on your stool cover looks great!!

And I love that bunny :)

Glad you had a nice holiday.


Joan said...

Oh my Joanne,Your quilting is beautiful!!!! Its great to see. I am not that far yet, as I mark my feathers and try to FMQ the rest. Diane Gaudynski is my 'goal' too. I am just in the process of preparing some fabric for sampling...I am practising on a quilt...and have been doing my quilting in silk...but I have stopped for the moment and may try to finish it with an aurofil 50 in the bobbin. What machine are you using? I have really enjoyed your blog, and will be back again

Joan said...

Just see how much I loved the quilting :) I have commented more than once - worth it though! :)

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