Wednesday, April 21, 2010

5 minuts of Quilting!

The open toe quilting foot I ordered finally came today and the thread I ordered came yesterday!! I am all set to machine quilt but I don't have time!! Only 5 minutes to try the new foot out - it works really well, easy to see around.

We are still busy installing floors at my SIL's new place.

They are coming along beautifully, we are half way done.

Just like quilting, the right tools make the job easier! (DH under cutting the metal door frames.)

The views from the new condo are wonderful!
This morning we saw -

three deer,

turtles sunning themselves,

momma goose sleeping on her eggs,

and poppa goose making sure I didn't get too close.

All this from a condo in the city!!

Have a great day and thanks for dropping by!!


Joan said...

Absolutely LOVE your wildlife photos. fascinating! Your new quilt foot looks great - what machine and what foot? The floors are looking great - I bet you will be glad to get back to your quilting. Are you staying there? or do you travel, wach day?

Karen said...

Looks like the condo connects the best of both "worlds". Laying the floor in the curved hallway took some skill!

Wendy said...

Great wildlife shots! My cats are the only wild life I see these days. The moose and bear seem scarce for the last year or so. Your quilting is looking wonderful. I want a foot like that. My thread came yesterday, too.

Renée's Country Crochet said...

That new foot is awesome. I need one so bad. Your quilting is looking good, and the floors are gorgeous.

I also loved the nature as always!

GailM. said...

I love new gadgets. I could use a new open toe foot. Love all the nature photos. I'm relaxiing just looking at the turtles. I saw a turtle pin cushion pattern from one of the blogs on your blog list. I might make it sometime.

joan said...

Great photos of your guests!
I can't imagine your quilting improving any more! You do beautiful work already without the new foot!♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

Loved the deer photos. What is the difference in quilting "foots"???


Sandra Henderson said...

So wonderful! I love the wildlife mixed with your quilts! Here I was just explaining that mine is sometimes not all quilts and it seems I've found a kindred spirit in blog land!!! YEAH! Those turtles are so cute! What a beautiful home you have!

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