Monday, April 12, 2010


I was unable to access my blog yesterday, so lots of catching up!!

Yesterday, my youngest son, who is 12, designed (with EQ6) a quilt

and started sewing blocks. 5 done, 15 more to go.

They are 12" blocks and it will be a bed quilt. He has already made a few quilted items, but this is the first large quilt he will make. He has done all the sewing so far, and did a great job - look at those points!!

I made four blocks for the pinwheel sampler quilt along. I decided to do Blocks #4, because I was worried about running out of fabric from the layer cake. The other two are a variation of Blocks #1

Only one more week of blocks to go!!

At the quilt show I bought some Aurifil #50 thread, and have been trying it out. It is wonderful!! Nice and fine, and so easy to sew with. I also pieced with it and it makes the seams flatter. The bobbin also lasts a long time. I was so impressed with Aurifil, that I ordered more from Tristan Italian Threads in BC.

The end cap of the thread comes off so that you can wind the end of the thread and replace the end cap, so there is not threads hanging every where.

I tried out some designs.

I don't like the dark thread on the light background.
Also tried colouring the designs with watercolour pencil crayons (a Christmas present from my oldest son).

Today I was checking out older posts from Feather On A Wire and Karen McTavish's website, and was inspired to create this -

I was working out my own version of a background design -
I like the "pearls", the "swoops" remind me of a cross section of a sand dune.

I used a gold colour thread for the centers and one echo.

This -
has now become this -

I sure feel that I have a lot more control of my stitches after a week of practice!

Now I am ready to try out machine quilting on some actual quilts. I think I will start with a mini quilt.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!


Kat said...

Your quilting looks fantastic, way to go! Tell your son I like his quilt.

Gloria said...

Your son is doing a super job! I'm impressed!

Absolutely love your quilting! You are an inspiration!

Karen said...

I'm impressed too with what your son has done. Great job!
I love that Aurifil thread too; it's the only thread I'll use now for piecing and I like it for machine embroidery as well.
Your pinwheel quilt is looking beautiful. I sooo love those fabrics too. And your FMQ is just amazing!

Karen said...

Looking good, Joanne - you are having lots of fun!

Wendy said...

Tell your son "Way to go! It looks great!"

As for you, that's some fantastic quilting there! I'm jealous. No, really, that's stunning.

GailM. said...

Aurifil is on my wish list now. I am so impressed with all your practice pieces. Love love love the feathery. I'm also impressed with your son's blocks. I love it when kids learn to sew.

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