Saturday, April 10, 2010

Quilt Show!

Today I went to a fantastic quilt show hosted by Manitoba Prairie Quilters. I wanted to quickly post some pictures so that I could go try out some of my new purchases!

These first three are from the Challenge Quilts for Charity section (the challenge was black, white and one colour).

There was lots of beautiful machine quilting.

Way too many quilts to show!! But here are a few more.

I am glad I went early, because it quickly became packed and would have been difficult to take pictures.
I also had some time for shopping!

I found the Aurifil thread I have been looking for, can't wait to try it out! Hamels Fabrics had the best deals on fabrics - $31 for a layer cake (they are normally around $50 here). There are quite a few wonderful quilt shops in rural Manitoba - it was nice to see them at the quilt show.

There are a couple of contests I need to mention.
Sue over at Alderwood Quilts is having a wonderful give away of an iron and some fabric.
Jandi is giving away a beautiful charm pack - Fruitcake by basicgrey. Good Luck!!

Off to sew!!

Thanks for dropping by and have a great day!!


Wendy said...

What an inspiration those quilts are! It's my hope to be able to quilt like that someday. Practice! Practice! Practice! Thanx for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing the quilt show to my part of the world. Always wonderful to see what others are doing.

I'm truly sorry you pay so much for a layer cake. I was FabShop hopping and was shocked at some of the prices. One shop had Moda Boutique charm packs for $30!!!!! Go visit Up and Away Quilts.Com where they sell the same thing at $8.00 regular price. I checked and shipping to Canada is 11.45 for up to 8 yds. Hope that helps for the future.

Also saw some new "Pez" fabric at Wallyworld for $4.44 after seeing it online for over $12, same fabric, same company. Talked to the lady in the fabric dept. and she stated they are getting their fabrics from a new company, and the quality is much better. We'll see.

I simply don't understand why some places charge sooo much.

Enjoy your weekend.

Blessings, Jilly

Quilting Queen said...

Beautiful quilts in the show. Would have been so inspiring to see them. Thanks for sharing.

GailM. said...

Love the quiltshow and all the machine quilting closeups. These are definitely inspirational. I'm linking from our guild's blog if that's ok.

Gloria said...

Thanks for posting the quilts, and especially the closeups! Sounds like a great day!

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