Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Table Runner Tutorial

Here is a tutorial for my favorite table runner. I have made this many times.
It measures 18½" x 55". It can vary in the number of blocks used and you can omit the outer 3" border or vary the size of the border.

You will need about 1 yard of main fabric, ¼ yard (not a fat quarter) of contrasting fabric for framing strips, four 6" - finished -(6½" unfinished) blocks of your choice, backing and batting. Fabric is cut across the width of the fabric and a scant ¼" seam allowances through out.

I chose to make simple star blocks for this table runner. (Sorry I don't go into great detail on making this block, I assume some previous knowledge.)

I use the "fast flying geese" method for making the flying geese. The instructions I have are from an old "Quiltmaker" magazine (issue no. 39 Sept/Oct "94), but I did find the instructions online too. The chart is the important part, then you can make any size you need. For the 6" star block I need the flying geese to be 1½" x 3".

For each block you need to cut -

one 3½" square of main fabric
four 2 3/8" squares of main fabric
one 4¼" square of background fabric
four 2" squares of background fabric

Times four to make four blocks.

Using the large background square and the four small main fabric squares, make four fast flying geese blocks following the online instructions or my instructions I posted earlier (ignoring the dimensions). Repeat for all four blocks. Sew all the blocks together and trim to size - 6½".

Cut seven 1" strips of the contrasting fabric for the framing strips. Frame each 6" block (uses just over four of the strips, the others will be used later).

Cut three 9" squares of main fabric, and then cut them in half diagonally.
Also needs four 2" x 10" rectangles of main fabric for the ends.

Lay the main fabric and blocks out. Sew the two opposite triangles onto the blocks and the rectangle on the ends.

Lining up the points of the triangle with the points of the block.

Trim the ends of the triangles and sew the rows together.

Trim the edges.

Sew the remaining 1" framing strips around the table runner, starting with the points, then the sides. Trim the ends.

Cut four 3¼" border of main fabric, sew around table runner, this time starting with the sides.

Trim and then sew the border on the ends.

The table runner all pieced and ready to be layered with batting and backing. This is a good pattern because there is lots of room to try out all kinds of machine quilting!
I will bind it with the main fabric (if you would like to bind it with the contrasting fabric you will need more of that fabric). Four 2¼" strips of main fabric are needed for the binding.
Here it is all finished.

If you make this, I would love to see a picture! I hope all the directions makes sense, if you have any problems please email me.

Have a great day and thanks for dropping by!!
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