Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Friendship Mini Sampler Quilt Part 5

A Churn Dash block today.

You will need -
          from the print -
                   2 - 2" squares for the half square triangles
                   4 - 1" x 1+1/2" rectangles
         from the background -
                   2 - 2" squares for the half square triangles
                   4 - 1" x 1+1/2" rectangles
                   1 - 1+1/2" square for the centre

Sorry - the correction is in bold! Thanks for pointing that out Deanna!

Make four half square triangles with the 2" squares (tutorial is here). Trim them to 1+1/2" squares.

Join a print and a background rectangle to make four of the above units. They should be 1+1/2" squares.

 All the units go together like this.

The finished Churn Dash. Trim the block to 3+1/2" squares.


Lesley said...

Love this part 5. I am away from my sewing machine this week but have fabric and cutting board with me so plan to cut all the pieces and sew the blocks when I get home. Thank you! For a great 'on the road' project!

Marga (MarPie) said...

Sadly I am at work today so it has to wait untill tonight. This is really great fun to do, the block are so easy to make. Thanks Joanne.

Kind regards,

Deanna said...

Can't go wrong with a churn dash.

Deanna said...

Joanne, are the dimensions right on the rectangles? If the center is a 1-1/2" square, how does it match a 2-1/2" rectangle?

Pauline G said...

Thanks for these mini blocks - they are great to carry with you when you are out and about

GerryART said...

The Churn Dash is just the best kinda block, isn't it. So versatile.

Sheila said...

Thanks Joanne , I have this block made now , I did not see your correction but just cut my pieces down to fit so no problem . I love this little project .

Raewyn said...

Just caught up again!!! Looking good!!

Helen said...

This block is fun! This was the second block I ever learned (yup - complete with HSTs) Will be on to this one in just a jiffy!

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