Saturday, May 5, 2012

Friendship Mini Sampler Quilt Part 2

An Ohio Star for block #2.

You will need -
        from the print -
                     2 - 2+1/4" squares - for the hourglass units
                     1 - 1+1/2" for the centre
        from the background -
                      4 - 1+1/2" squares for the corners
                      2 - 2+1/4" squares - for the hourglass units

Make 4 hourglass units following this tutorial, using the 2+1/4" squares. Trim them to 1+1/2" squares.

This is the layout for all the pieces.

Trim the finished block to 3+1/2" square.

Great to see that people are participating! Thanks!


Marga (MarPie) said...

Your very welcom, this is great fun to do. Of I am making block nr 2 THANKS

Wendy said...

VEry fun and thanx for putting up your tutorials ahead of time.

Deanna said...

Another tiny piece of lovliness. Mine is no longer blue/yellow. I am using scraps from a favorite quilt of a few years ago. Off to make block #2. I will also be posting a little link to this on my blog today. Thanks for the fun!

Needled Mom said...

Very nice! I love the colors.

Sheila said...

Block two made , it sure is tiny but your method worked wonderfully. I should have used more contrast my hour glass is not that visible but I still love it.

Sylke Feldhusen said...

Joanne, thanks again for sharing! I have to finish some other projects first, but I think that I'll sew this ;)

G Adrian, Sweden said...

Just found your blog through Weddingdress blue-blog. I´ll start sewing the blocks on Monday. No time this weekend.
Gun, Sweden

Deanna said...

I had fun with my block #2. Waiting for tomorrow...mostly patiently. :)

Raewyn said...

All done :-) So cute and tiny!! Your tutorials are very clear---see you tomorrow!!

Helen said...

Part 1 done - takes longer to figure out which fabric I want where than to sew these up!

Working on Part 2!!!!

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