Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blocks Finished

Today was a wonderful home day. I finished sewing all the blocks for the "Spanish Steps" quilt and even started sewing the blocks together. Here it is on my "design floor".

Wendy over at Inky Threads asked people to show her their stash/quilting areas. I have my sewing machine in the kitchen, where most people might have a kitchen table! I am supposed to have my sewing area in the basement, but it is a catch-all room, of toys, exercise equipment, drums etc. I much prefer to sew upstairs in the light and with everyone.

Since my sewing room is in the main part of the house, I have to keep it limited and neat. The sewing table is my grandmother's old sewing machine cabinet. I keep a few fabrics in the bins beside it, mostly up-coming projects and things for inspiration. I keep my cutting mat under the couch and cut on the island in the kitchen. I also have room to set up the ironing board when I need it. I lay out quilts on the "design floor" in the family room. I have been much more productive since I moved upstairs, this works out well, and my family is used to working around it. I still have a few bins and sewing things in the basement.

Looks a bit messier now, I am organized to sew the blocks together, should be done soon.


Gloria said...

That is an amazing Quilt! I have never seen anything like it! Love the shadows!

Thanks for your post to my blog, too!

Cindi said...

Joanne I love the quilt. Really has movement. Can't wait to see it finished. You've got so much natural light in your sewing room. It's a great area. Love it!

Wendy said...

I love that quilt, too. I like your sewing area and am a little jealous of how neat it is!!! My mom used to have a sewing machine like your cabinet one. Is the old machine still inside?

Edna said...

I really like the shadow effect in this quilt - looks amazing! Where did you find the pattern?


cool shadow effect! looks good!