Tuesday, January 28, 2020


I am pleased the the Flowering Snowball quilt is all quilted.

Just the binding left.

Photos from around -

 Another frosty day.
 Molly has learned to sit while a vehicle goes by on the highway behind our home.
A sliver of the moon at sunset.

All the best!♥︎


Sharon Kwilter said...


junepaulette said...

It’s Beautiful and Molly is growing is growing up so fast too.

Ann at Prairie Primrose said...

I love your flowering snowball! It's always been on my bucket list of quilts to make.

PaintedThread said...

Huzzah! The quilt looks lovely.

Good Molly! (she's such a cutie)

QuiltGram said...

OMG. Molly is growing so fast. She’s a beautiful shepherd. We have owned two In the recent past. Both were agility and barn dogs. Wonderful breed. And, I’m impressed with her sit-stay at the side of the road. I have been so taken with your flowering snowball quilt that I am starting one this weekend. I’m using my large array of reproduction scraps and anything that also fits into this category along with scrap light browns etc for the background. I rarely have two quilts going at the same time but I have been longing to hand quilt one again. I have been machine quilting on my old Bernina for at least 25 years now. So it will be a treat to myself. Therefore, I am going to hand piece this quilt and to make it easier on myself, use a poly batting. And I really do appreciate all of your posts as they are what finally prompted me to pursue this wish. Another note, I am an avid reader and quilt lover of antique and vintage quilts. This is the first time that I recall (or noted) this beautiful quilt pattern. I really can’t believe that I hadn’t seen (or noted) it before. Enjoy your pup, I’m heading out to the barn right now to groom my horse, Noel with my current barn dog. That would be Rylee who is a Cattle Dog or also known as a blue heeled. Grooming takes longer with her help as she thinks that qI need to throw a Kong for her to chase as I’m grooming.

Sue SA said...

Such a beautiful quilt, love this pattern, but your quilting really makes it special. So nice to see the snow pictures, as we start another heat wave in SE Australia :(

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