Sunday, October 21, 2012

Quilting Satin

I am still having so much fun free motion quilting things I learned from the Craftsy class. Cindy Needham said that it was addictive and she is so right!

I tried quilting satin this time, and using a stencil for the design. I only have a few stencils that I inherited,

this is the only medallion stencil that I have (I think that it is the first time that I have ever used it). I used Quilt Pounce to mark it (it is the iron off kind).

I used a french curve and an iron off Clover white marking pen to extend the lines on the design. The Clover pen worked amazingly well on the satin, much better than on cotton.

Once I quilted the basic lines I added the 1/2" grid for the detail quilting. You can see how well the white markings show up.

Once again I used one layer of cotton batting and half a layer of wool batting.

The satin was much easier to quilt than I thought that it would be (I inherited this satin too, I assume it is just some polyester lining). It is nice to be able to use things that I have laying around.
I used 100Wt InvisaFil thread for all the quilting.
I think the stencil looks like a poinsettia and would be great for Christmas.

Love the shine of the satin. It is just little - 7+1/2" x 9".

This is the back - Aurifil #50 thread in the bobbin. I used a #80 Titanium needle for the quilting. A single hole throat plate on the machine seems to make all the difference, I think there would have been tension problems with the "scribbling" without it.
It took about 3 hours to make this piece (although I did Skype with my brother in China for a bit in the middle of quilting - the internet is such a wonderful thing).

Off to do some more free motion quilting since I seem to have lost the shank and 1/4" piecing foot for my sewing machine!!! Arrgghhh!! Thank goodness I already pieced the next quilt along blocks!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!
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