Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Orange Whole-cloth Quilt

 I have been doing lots of free motion quilting since I took the "Design It, Quilt It" Craftsy class.

This time I wanted to see if I could make a traditional quilt design using tools that I have at home (compass, rulers...).

I used a light table to mark the design. The fabric is a bright Kona Cotton orange (it glows on the light table in the above picture).

I marked the top with a white, iron off pen from Clover. I just measured out where the feathered border was to go, the pressed creases helped with the design layout. Click on the photos to make them bigger.

The thread is a golden/orange coloured 100Wt InvisaFil, with a #80 Microtex needle in the machine.

This piece is about 24" square.

The thread came out as a beige colour in the areas with lots of quilting.
Once again the batting is a layer of cotton and half a layer of wool. Quilted on my domestic sewing machine.

Off to work on another whole-cloth - in the "quilting factory" as my family calls it!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!
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